woensdag 5 februari 2020


When I took up knitting again
(after a looong non-knitting period
and then discovering the beautiful sock yarn
with long colour changes)
I made a lot of pairs of socks.

Now, all but one pair of winter shoes
are big enough to wear home knitted socks :
never again cold feet

But lately I discovered some very thin patches,
only the nylon in the wool left !
(hmmmmm ... that's because I always walk on my socks inside the house)
Time for some serious darning !!!

Unfortunately I had nothing of the original colour left
(and nothing close)

Nothing to worry :
as long as I don't put my feet up !

My mother's old darning tool
came in handy

(some more pairs waiting for the same treatment !)


We had no winter to speak of
but in the garden spring seems to be on its way.

Daughter brought spring for inside

zaterdag 1 februari 2020


Thinking of the devastation
the bush fires brought
to big parts of Australia
made me want to make a special finger puppet
(of which you saw the start yesterday)

Wishing the people Down Under, who lost loved ones,
their homes
their precious woods
with soooo many animals
all the best.

Might be a good idea to sell him to the highest bidder
so I can donate that to the rescue
of animals there
(start at € 20)

No shipping costs

email me at fiberrainbow@gmail.com