dinsdag 18 september 2018

18 - 9 - '18

Though we still have lovely days of summer
you can see
and smell
that equinox is near.

About time to start on my pennant of the wedding dress
Mo sent me !!!

Look for yourself at Mo's

There were many plans
(and then deserted)
... there were other things to do
... and more other things to do
but now I've really started.

I enlarged my piece a bit

Woven with more strips of fabric ...
(that mean something to me)

... and started stitching on it

stitching on a backing
(another piece of wedding dress, no, not mine)

and another heart !

A bit more patience, Mo.
things are growing now !

zondag 9 september 2018


Yesterday Man and I were at the

The name comes from  
Margaretha Turnor
Chatelaine of the Amerongen Castle
in the seventeenth century.

The people of Amerongen have chosen her name
(also the flower "marguerite", which is "margriet" in Dutch !)
for their market of organic products,
art, music and other cultural events,
which they hold twice a year.

I've visited and attended several markets this year
and I must say :
this one was the best !

A good organization, a lovely place,
fun events and life music.
We had wonderful, kind helping
lovely customers and nice sales !
I hope they all enjoy their purchases

Thanks "Grietmarkt"

Just at the start of the day

Us, and the neighbours opposite with weaving products
(made by mentally disabled in a social workplace)

The wonderful ceramic birds "next door"

a silversmith and embroidered landscapes

bird feeder- coffee cups and insect hotels 

more paintings

Many, many, many people with lovely items,
I didn't take pictures of them all ...

A special fashion show by a group of "Down" people

Crafting, a puppet-show
and a small carousel for the youngest visitors !

I didn't take pictures of the many delicious
organic-food stands either, but there were many.
We took home some gorgeous chanterelle mushrooms for diner !

All in all a wonderful day !

dinsdag 4 september 2018

yet another market ...

Sunday was a lovely sunny
September day !
That was good for the Art Market in Hoorn : many visitors
(lots of them by bike, which is normal in Holland  ;-) !)

The organization of  "Hoorn Kunst & Cultuur" did a good job
with many people to help us show the way.
(and what surely helped was free parking in town !)

Daughter and I had enough time to place
all the items (this time a lot of paintings) on our stand.

She had this great idea to bring her spinning wheel :
sooo many people, especially children,
loved it and listened to her explaning
how this miracle works.

Though I didn't sell many things,
we had lovely conversations,
many compliments
and I had some very lovely customers.
I wish them happy times with their purchases.


This little dragon-lady for instance
will be waiting for a new baby !

(I hope she or he will be as brave as this one !)


This Saturday there will be yet another market :

in Amerongen.

(on that same weekend is also
"Open Monuments Day" )

This time Man and  will go together again.

We hope for a bit of sunshine 
(and some happy customers)

zondag 26 augustus 2018

next market

In a week I will go to another market

Sunday September 2
12.00  - 17.00

I will take my textile jewels and accessories
(felt and textile)
small quilts
and the gouache paintings.
(all of them neatly framed)

This one will not be there
because it was a present for grandson's birthday.

But I will bring many others

I have this lovely box for my broches
and because I sold some in Zierikzee
I made some new ones

For them I used the lovely thick felt
daughter made some time ago.
The green/blue silk embroidery thread
Doris sent to me
came in good use too !

woensdag 22 augustus 2018

embroidery exhibition

Today I went to nearby Gorinchem
with a exhibition about embroidery :
the local sampler embroidery association exists 30 years.
So modern samplers (and some very old ones!)
and a choice of other embroidery works.

For me it was a combination with a short workshop
by my friend Sary Maas

Sary is an expert
in various traditional embroidery techniques
and she loves to teach them to keep the knowledge
about them alive !
The traditional costume of Marken
is one of her favorites

a corset for a Marken-bride made to scale
with all the original elements
(all made by Sary !)

(the back with seven roses)

I had hoped to learn the rose,
but in the two (!) hours we could only start
on the small bag with another flower motif
(lovely too !)

Sary used the rose-motif in her own way
on a scarf

I will try this one too some day !!!

After we had lunch
I came back for the exhibition
(and Sari gave another workshop
for a new group of embroiderers)

There was traditional work from different countries

Dutch fashion

Frank Govers   en  Jan Taminiau

My all time favorite :

Tilleke Schwarz

Karola Pezarro

Barbara Broekman

Malou Busser

A big work of some square meters
and look at the detail : all chain stitch by hand !
(sorry ... don't remember her name ...)

And some of the "Merkwaardig" association work

And some very old sampler in "queen stitch"

inspired Sary to make a "Elizabethan Sweet Bag":
a little purse to carry some sweet scent in
to mask the (probably) horrible odour
of unwashed bodies and clothes
in old times ...

Sary's work
(with needle lace eggs and little biscornu)

If you live in Holland
it's a nice visit.