woensdag 24 augustus 2016

a (hot but) FABULOUS day

Today I went with a dear friend of mine
in the Rijswijk Museum.
In fact it was a birthday present
a bit overdue !

(for me it was first the usual bike - boat - bike to the train station in Rotterdam,
then together to Rijswijk by train and a bus to the museum)

We had coffee and pie in the lovely museum garden.

There was a film with interviews with some of the paper artists first
and then we started with the exhibition.

It's amazing what artworks people can make out of paper !
(just click on the pictures to see them bigger)

Some were made especially for the exhibition in this museum !

(ahhhhh ... still have to find all the names)

In the museum shop there was something beautiful
I really couldn't resist ...

with LOTS of cutout pages

Rebecca Dautremer

It was such a wonderful day !!!
Thanks Maartje !

maandag 22 augustus 2016

away and back again

We're back from our little journey
to another part of our country
(no "far-away" for us)
We had a lovely time,
part of it with daughter and grandchildren.

Though the weather wasn't very good,
we went on some trips,
we did some cycling,
sat in the sun when it was there,
(reading, drawing, stitching)
and there was no internet for me
which was fine.

a bike trip

a visit to "gnome-land"

a busy granddaughter

a visit to a medieval market

and this is the cat-piece I was stitching on

Today (and later this week) school starts again in this part of our country,
so the (not so) little-ones went back before the weekend
and we arrived home yesterday.
With most of the washing done,
it's back to normal.

zaterdag 6 augustus 2016

some bits together

After the last post
I owe you the dress for granddaughter.

She really looked lovely in it !
(she has wonderful long hair and made lots of braids in it
just like the lady on t.v.)

(later I just realized it was a dress inspired
by a costume of Daenerys of  "Game of Thrones"
I know of it but don't follow it,
but looked it up )

Of course she needed a dragon ....
Ha, she made one herself,
she's GOOD with crochet !

(she had to sew on the wings and front paws in the car,
driving to the festival !!!)

And this was mum's outfit this time

The garden looks rather good now
because we have sun and a lot of rain
(so I don't have to water the plants)

I'm always happy when the
Altea cannabina
starts flowering like a fountain is little pink flowers !

lots of beauties

And the ongoing activity these days
is still the stitching on my red / purple piece

(scribbles, like little fireflies looking for a place to land)

... stitching along
   one stitch after another

woensdag 3 augustus 2016

at the sewing machine ...

Yes, that's where I spent
the main part of my day :
at the sewing machine.

Daughter has this wonderful plan to go to

It's a show with lots of people in medieval clothes,
elves, soldiers, witches and all your
fantasy can think of.
She liked to dress up when she was in "Kindergarten"
and she still does !
Then, I was the one who made fun costumes,
now she makes them herself of course.
there is also her big daughter
who looooves the dresses in "Game of Thrones"
So there was a complicated dress for the big girl
ánd some clothes for mama.
(a frilly skirt)
Well ... that was a bit too much in such a short time !!!
Disaster of not being finished in time
lurked around the corner ...

So a call came
and a little voice said :

help !

Ahhhh well, I was only doing a bit of hand stitching ...
So, yesterday evening
they all came to visit
and she brought me the fabric package.

A top piece and then four strips ...
the last one 8 meters wide !!!
(ruffle, ruffle, ruffle)

One down, three more to go ...

this only happened twice
but that was annoying enough !

And late tonight :
done !
(the top that goes with it will hopefully be finished tomorrow)

Donn't know what the big boy is wearing,
but the small one has a fitting
knight's armor
(out of fabric   ;-)  )