zaterdag 18 januari 2020

more ...

Not done yet with it
(far from)

baaaaaa he says ... 

the back : finished and before felting

(hmmmmmm ... there will be more)

zondag 12 januari 2020

... that is the question ...

Is there
a mouse
with a tiny cat


is there
a cat
with a giant mouse

I think that is the question


(not finished yet)

vrijdag 10 januari 2020

a handful

Here they are 
Not all of them,
but a handful of finger puppets ready to play

The little gray-and-white mouse in the middle
was the very first one !

At first that mouse and the fox had smaller, seed bead eyes.
But today I found slightly bigger beads
and exchanged them,
and gave the other ones eyesight too.

This little froggy
has yellow felted balls as eyes
and I stitched them with some black thread

hmmmm ..... might give hime a crown ...

(Ohhhhh this is addictive !)

woensdag 8 januari 2020

little puppets

As a Christmas present
I chose to order some Kap Merino wool
(that's very short-fiber fine wool)
I needed that for my online class with Pam de Groot
but I had some more use for it !
For a long time now I admired the puppets
Yaroslava Troynich is making.

(I didn't take a workshop with her
but worked it out myself
and am now making my own little finger puppets)

This isn't the first one,
but the first I remembered taking pictures while making. 

Here is the little fellow
drying, stuffed with paper.

Eyes will be tiny glass beads later.

More surely will follow ...

dinsdag 31 december 2019

a new year

is just around the corner.
When I look back it has gone by quickly
but there were a lot of wonderful days in it.
And lots of new work.
I'm hoping to keep that up
in the year to come !

What remains on this late afternoon
is wishing you all out there :

a very happy
and most of all creative


Love to all my friends,

zaterdag 21 december 2019

mudskipper ...

finally got my "samplodicus" for Pam's class finished !

I thought of a critter
that would be "real" and "not-real"
and came up with the mudskipper ...

(Saw a Star Trek episode years ago
where Captain Janeway turned into a giant one,
but it wasn't the best of episodes, haha !)

Two days ago I showed all the parts
that needed to be prepared first
BEFORE  I even could think of starting the real work.

After that
all I can say that it went rather quick then.
(just some consideration what to do first ...)

Meet the samplodicus Mudskipper
several techniques (8) in one critter.

Here he is belly up ...
(and stuffed with paper towels)

The VERY fine white merino (16 mic) I used
for the biggest part of the body
gave me, like it did before, some trouble
Because the plastic template I use is also white
I can hardly see it the layers of wool
are thick enough ...

Result : a nearly hole ... 

I made a tiny piece of the flimsiest prefelt ever
and stitched it with linen thread
on the inside of the body !

Not so big after all !

Mudskipper with templates used

donderdag 19 december 2019

19 - 12 - 19

and this year is almost done.

Very slow starting with felting again.
Wrapping stones greatly
intrigued me.
So after my first attempt with the necklace
another stone followed.

(love this, so probably not the last either)

Now I'm busy preparing all the separate parts first
for my final task of the online class.

Most of the parts that I need for my "samplodicus"

(HA, don't know if it will all work out the way I think it will ...)