woensdag 18 juli 2018

18 - 7 - 18

Some fishy business ...

These last few days I've been busy felting fishes.

On Saturday August 18, I will have a stall

Because Zierikzee is so close to the sea
I thought I should make some fishes to take with me there.

(I made some fishes before, but there was only one left)

It's hard to believe I made a tiny ("pink") fish last October
with the template that lies on the blue/yellow one ...

Fish in progress ...

(no logic in it : but these fish are drying ...)


Daughter is making a new outfit
for her youngest when they go to Castle Fest
the first Sunday in August :
last year (you might remember) he was a dragon ...
Now he will be "Hiccup" the dragon rider !!!
(from "How to train your dragon 2"  from DreamWorks)

part one

(the original)

A very skillful daughter,
a shop with not too expensive fabrics,
a tiny bit of my stash,
and a lot of time
what a fierce dragon rider our grandson will be !

zondag 15 juli 2018

stitching in the sun

The weather is  w a r m .
I can hardly remember the last time it rained ...
(a week ago some very light drizzle ...
but you couldn't call that rain, when you asked the plants !)
Luckily there's water next to our garden !
So a lot of heavy watering cans every morning and evening.

Stitching is fine
(though in the shadow of the sunscreen !)

Silk, cotton, rayon and some beads on bourette silk

And because I had some more of that silk
I made a cuff too

Youngest grandson helped with another present
for the teacher that he is leaving.
The group he was is is called "the Guppies"
so his mom knitted six (his age now) little fishes.
He wanted to have hearts attached to them :
three silver ones (from my stash) and three he made himself,
of shrinking foil !
(Krimpie Dinkie)

The shrinking foil was such fun
that he made some more !

(the cat he kept for himself !!!)

Just saw something AMAZING on another blog :
the Gaia Mother Tree 
by the Brazilian artist Ernesto Neto
in the main railway station of Zürich, Switserland !

(more pictures on this blog !)
and here too !

woensdag 4 juli 2018


We're already in the second half of the year ...
time flies.

I've been busy making new textile jewels,
bigger ones than my Pink Ribbon's this time,
using all kind of textile "beads".
Like the ones in the last post.
The bright blue one is finished
and another pale blue one.
Little pieces of black-and-white fabric
are waiting to become the next one.
(I'll have a Textile-art Market in August
and one in September)

But today daughter was busy on my sewing machine
to make a farewell present
for the schoolteacher of her youngest.
The children that move to the next grade
did some drawing with textile crayons !

The teacher can lean on a sweet memory cushion.

While most of us enjoy the warm sunny weather
the garden is longing for a good bit of rain.
The drought gives already problems :
like forest fires, trees losing their leaves,
yellow lawns, desperate farmers ...

We heard of birds leaving their nests and young
in the eastern part of the country,
but here some of them are doing still fine !

A young blackbird waiting by our front door
for mum or dad to come with something juicy.

The grebe family passed by in the water.

Must be hard to find any fish under the duckweed ...

And this evening, just before we had our outside dinner,
a bunch of eight blue tits came by to forage
in the garden : no corner or crevice remained unexamined !

(ha, one even sat on my (still empty) dinner plate !)


So all the young ones seem rather happy here !

donderdag 21 juni 2018

summer solstice

Ohhhhh, not much summer right now :
a cold north wind and no sun.

So I made a bit of  "summer" myself !

Little bits and pieces for a new necklace.

Daughter and I also did the last brushstrokes
on the window next to the door at school.

(looks like a bit of summer here ...)



(Oh yes, totally forgot my special date post on the 18th,
well ... what about it ... not very important,
that's how days rush by sometimes !)

zaterdag 16 juni 2018

colours ...

This week daughter and I were busy at school.
It's the school where I worked,
where daughter went,
and the grandchildren
(now only the youngest)

When I worked at school, I loved to use the windows
as a third (fourth) wall, and painted on them
whenever I needed it in a theme.
Later on, others asked me to decorate their windows as well !
When daughter "took over" that task I always helped her out.

The painting at the entrance door was damaged
(by scratchy little fingers)
and because the white paint we used
for some unknown cause started to peel ...
So, time to do the painting once again.

Some background, and then it's done !

The garden thrives ...
not only the flowers, but the tiny visitors as well !
Each year the Polygonatum is attacked by caterpillars,
it was no different this year

They start at the juicy seedpods
and then work from the top down ...

if you want butterflies ...
you have to endure these little buggers !

Of all the plants I bought through the years
a  LOT  disappeared, while others thrived
(and became too many sometimes)

I thought I'd lost this beauty

a Sanguisorba (menziesii, I think)

until I found it here again on the stairs to the water !
Must leave it there, I can't move it !
(NO .... my stairs are not very tidy !!!)

And in the water :

another beauty struggling ...

This Campanula lactiflora "Prichard's variety" is slowly getting bigger !


When Man is too busy with his "colours"

Bella surely has her ways to persuade him
to pay more attention to her !
"You have to pet me ..."

zaterdag 2 juni 2018

(Alpaca) knitting club

After our Alpaca farm friend stopped
having us every first Saturday of the month
we smoothly changed into the habit
of hosting our group in turn
(we are 12 so that is no problem)

Today was my turn again
Sadly sitting in the garden was no option,
but there is room enough inside

We were (only) eight this time.

After the first round of coffee and tea
we always have a show-and-tell round

(the last pic : my everlasting socks, little knitting at the moment !)

A wonderful getting-together !
Thanks ladies !

Later I found a new Campanula : a blue one ...
the white ones were there a bit earlier

And ooooooh that rose ...

Wet, from a loooong night of rain !

woensdag 30 mei 2018


After the late start of the growing season
things are back on track now.
Plants and flowers take their turn.
One day you see the young start of something
and two weeks later you take the leftovers
so the next group can start flowering,
that's the way it always is.

The trees (we have four,
three in the backyard garden and one in front)
have leaves and no flowers anymore.
No more forget-me-not's, the blue bells, most of the irises,
the allium roseum and the early persicaria ...
all of it in the "green bin"

(I really don't have room for a compost heap !)

The lovely flowering polygonatum
is now under attack of the same caterpillars
that attack every year ... hmmm clever guys
(I made a quilt about that years ago !)

the foxgloves are beautiful

(this is a stray one ...)

and these buttery yellow digitalis grandiflora
(who starts with it's head down   ;-) ...)

And of course
the roses are starting to flower :
"New Dawn" and a darker pink bush.

Let me introduce : Mrs. BIG Allium christophii,

she will be a BIG delight for a loooong time !

Then there is that lovely

 Ornithogalum magnum

After yesterday's thunderstorm
there were dozens of these little visitors

tiny toads !

Early in the evening another thunderstorm building
gave these beautiful sun rays

The garden loved the rain that came later ...

With all the work in the garden
there was no time (read : energy) left for painting, felting or stitching.
But, now that most of the redundant "greens" are gone
there will be time for that again soon !