maandag 30 november 2020

and the winner is . . .

I waited ten days 
(ha, appropriate I thought)
but now we have a winner for the 

10 years blogging giveaway


Congratulations Maria,

and please send me your address !

ready for the draw . . .

Sorry for the others . . .
(there will be something like this  some other day
and then you may win ! )

Have a good week everyone !

vrijdag 20 november 2020

giveaway at last

I already said
that November is slow for me
but now I'm picking up the pace again !

The last Stitch Club workshop
by Ali Ferguson
who told us (in her wonderful Scottish accent) how to make a book from scratch.
(I'm busy, but am not able to show anything : gifts in the making)

I also knitted socks as a present for a dear old friend
(and she doesn't know yet . . .)

And at last there was time to work on the


Ten years of blogging went by
but I had to postpone this celebration
because I was simply TOO busy
with my Textile Jewels for Pink Ribbon.

It all started (after reading / following lots of blogs about art and stitching)
with a leap of faith to participate in Jude Hill's online class
"Patchwork Beasts"
Someone in that wonderful stitching community convinced me
that blogging was easy-peasy . . .
(and the rest is history !)

"Stitching is done with the heart"
(+/-  7 x 24 cm)

   the start                    and                 finished        

There are hearts, one with an indigo dyed striped moon,
on a piece of break-down-printed sturdy cotton,
rainbow kantha stitched,
and a bit of my "magic thread".
You can probably understand why I had to "borrow"
Jude's black-and-white nine patch :
she is the source !

Jude !

If you want to participate in this fun play
please leave a message in the comments.
I will be drawing a "winner"
in about ten days.

Happy stitching to you all !

woensdag 11 november 2020

WOW !!!

November is SLOW

I know that by now :
all the hustle and bustle,
the soaring energy of every day's pressure
to deliver a new Textile Jewel
that is just what October means to me
. . . . .

I even promised a giveaway by now for 10 years blogging ...

I haven't that ready yet
because something more important came along

(someone desperately in  need of some good vibes)

So you still have to wait a bit longer for that !

now all the Jewels have been sent
to their new owners
I can say this October gave

a splendid result for PINK  RIBBON  !

€ 700,-

I want to thank all those lovely customers
who made this possible,
because there were MANY extra donations !
(and we topped it up to a round number)



I am very happy :
it was really worth the effort !

Clever readers might ask :
why not 31 names . . .
because some people just did their
"Christmas shopping"
right here !


zondag 1 november 2020

don't forget . . . . .

Tomorrow a lot of Pink Ribbon Jewels
will go in the mail.
They go to their new owners.
I think they will be happy :
as the "real thing"
is  always  better  than the picture !

there are still two lovely ones
that need to go to a new home too !

NO :

This one is SOLD too   ;-) 

This one is SOLD !

Two more options
to increase the amount of money
that I can transfer to  PINK  RIBBON  !

zaterdag 31 oktober 2020

day 31 . . . the end

Today is the end of this month,
the end of my PINK  RIBBON Challenge
of making a Textile Jewel every day for sale,
to collect money
that can be used for more research
into better treatment methods and aftercare
for breast cancer patients.

Too many women (and also men!)
get the diagnosis that turns their lives
(and that of their family and friends)
upside down>
So help is needed.

I hope we did help :
me, by taking the time and creativity
to make a Textile Jewel every day,
and you, my dear customers,
by buying them so eagerly !


My last  PINK RIBBON  Textile Jewel for day 31 :

a wet felted pendant, wearable on both sides, on a long textile bead
with a nuno-felted silk moon,
stitched with silk and silver thread,
and many beads,
on a wire necklace (46 cm  ,  18.1")
(7 x 5 cm)

For a donation of at least

  € 15,-  

 SOLD  !

this last day's Jewel can be yours!
You can wear it yourself,
or give it as a present to a much loved person.
You just need to
(yes,  I know you know by now)
send me an email at  
(or say so in the comments under this post)
and all will be arranged !
(Paypal is possible and easy
but mind the postage)

ALL the money goes to the Pink Ribbon Fund !

(also a blue moon on this day !)


The end of the garden

the fantastic Gingko biloba

Though this was the last day's Jewel
there are still three
which have apparently been overlooked
day  13
day  22
day  28
Please don't forget them !

(Day 17, 23 and 24 have already been snatched up
and will go to London soon !)


vrijdag 30 oktober 2020

day 30

 During this whole month
the workshops of the Stitch Club
continued as usual twice a month
(though not for me of course
because there was little time left for that)

But I liked the work of Vinny Stapley
and her "Wild layers" appealed to me
(I love plants and flowers) 
I didn't choose (green) plants, but flowers : poppies.
I have taken bits of time
to continue the first design I did on the background
of transparent layers of thin cloth and lace.
(pinning it all was okay, but then came the stitching . . . !)

What a coincidence that I finally managed to complete
Vinnie's piece and make a poppy on water soluble
for today's Jewel ! 

My PINK  RIBBON  Textile Jewel for day 30 :

a wet felted pendant, wearable on both sides,
with a water-soluble machine stitched poppy.
stitched with cotton floss and some seed beads,
a few wooden beads and a tiny bell
to remember the poppies in "Flanders Fields"
on an adjustable wax cord.
(9 x 6 cm)

For a donation of at least

€ 15,-


this poppy-jewel can be yours,
to give away to someone you love,
or keep it yourself.
You just need to send me an email at
and we'll arrange the rest there is to be done.
(Paypal is possible and easy
but mind the postage !)



So now there is only ONE DAY left for you
to purchase one of the Textile Jewels
of this year !!!

Hope to see you tomorrow 


One of the poppies on the piece for Vinnie Stapley

donderdag 29 oktober 2020

day 29

Sometimes things work out as you think they will
and sometimes they don't.
I had two shapes for a pendant
(which should co together)
but it just wasn't right.
So a slight change of plans
which results that I'm happy how it turned out now !

(taking pictures in bad daylight can be a problem
but certain colours are ALWAYS a problem for my camera :
dark blues and purple,
NEVER how they are in real life)

My PINK  RIBBON  Textile Jewel for day 29 :

a wet felted hollow pendant with golden sequins inside,
stitched with seed beads
and a tiny felted circle at the bottom
on a wire necklace of 46 cm (18.1")
(7 x 4 cm)

For a donation of at least

  € 15,-  


this special necklace can be yours
you can give it to your mother, daughter, sister
or a dear friend
(but of course it could be a present
for yourself !)
The only thing that needs to be done is
sending me an email at  
and the rest will follow !
(Paypal is possible and easy,
mind the postage)



I hope to see you tomorrow for a new Textile Jewel !

there are still some Jewels that someone clearly has missed
. . . . . . .

13,  17,  22,  23,  24,  28

! ! !