donderdag 21 maart 2019


For us it's the start of spring
for others (in the southern hemisphere)
it's the start of autumn,
day and night are of equal length

The cycle of the year
the cycle of the seasons
the cycle of life


Last week's stitches that were in the TAST-challenge,
were the French knot and the pistol stitch
(=  a French knot with a tail )
and I used those in the "Cow parsley" piece
that I showed before.
This week we got no new stitch :
a "catching-up week" 
for beginners or stitchers that got behind otherwise ...
We're supposed to have FUN
and certainly not stress, when stitching !!!

So a very good reason for me to do another French knot piece
(and why not use the equinox as a starting point for that)

This time a LOT of them !

For this sun I almost ONLY used yellow (-ish) threads
from several thread nests or from some already threaded needles
that were lying around.

(yes, there are skeins and balls, no, didn't used them)

dinsdag 19 maart 2019

19 - 3 - 19 ... (still stitching)

The TAST- challenge unleashed
a true fever :
a stitch - fever,
I don't think it was ever this severe

(but still love it !)

"the BLUES are not that bad"

Another small (tiny ?) piece
that is only 10 x 10 cm
(4 x 4")

working on it

I love the differences in shine and texture
of the threads
(cotton, silk, rayon)

zondag 3 maart 2019

March ?

Already ?
We had some wonderful springy days
last week :
a lovely Zoo-day with the youngest grandson,
much needed gardening
and even some stitching outside !

Though the cold (and drizzle)
have returned today,
I finished the last bit of a small piece
that really looks like SPRING, I think.

"our beginning"

(cell, sun, earth ? )

I started with a very THIN piece of striped cotton
that was resist indigo dyed, 
of course with some felt as backing.
The theme for last week was "couching":
sewing thick thread (too thick to embroider with)
in one way or another onto the surface.
You often use plain strait stitches,
but in fact a lot of other stitches can do too.
Here I used cross stitches to fix the long floats around the circle.

It was fun to see the light shining through the thin piece

I finished it all with some seed beads and tiny gold specks.


Today my dear friend Mo
had the opening of her exhibition
of her wonderful stitching project
in which a lot of our friends were allowed
to participate :

"I dream of a world where love is the answer" 

zondag 24 februari 2019

colours !

I'm always fond of
funky colour combinations
(at least I know not everybody loves
my sometimes bold choices)

So making these small
(10 x 10 cm or 4 x 4")
embroidered pieces as extra TAST works
gives me the opportunity
to try out different things.

"Faraway universe"

In the sun the purple looks a bit more reddish
than it really is

Some hand dyed fabric (and some from the shop)
and a little piece of silk
made a lovely base to start on
I couched some thick silk yarn along the round cut
of some of the snippets.
Added more purple but also blue, turquoise
and some red wool.
(the colours on that second picture are in fact best)

(love the feel of the spider stitches)

dinsdag 19 februari 2019

19 - 2 - 19

today two long-time friends
(mother and daughter)
visited us.
A good forty (!) years ago
they lived in our village and we became friends :
the mothers and the daughters (mostly)
(because the mothers and the fathers had the same names, we always
referred to each other as "the other ..." , our children called us at 
our first name instead of mom and dad )

They moved somewhere else in Holland
but we still kept in touch though not as frequently ...
And then the parents moved to France
(without their (almost) grown children)
But from time to time we wrote.

After some sad time
now my namesake is visiting lots
of old friends in Holland.
For the "girls"it was about 30 years since they
had seen each other !


(the connection)

donderdag 14 februari 2019

just lovely

A sunny day
the first that let us think that 
is not so far away anymore.

(though the rest of February and also March
can be rather cold still)

Ahhhhh !

There was some stitching of course

10 x 10
in black (gray) and white.