woensdag 14 augustus 2019

canceled !

Tonight we just got the message of the organisation that the


due to the bad weather they expect for this Saturday.
Friday is okay, Sunday is okay
and sadly Saturday will be very WET !
Nothing to be done
because they don't have an inside location available.
They might set a new date
but that isn't sure yet either.

Well ...
just keeping on felting

This was number one 

Number two
(with a real stone embedded in the flap)

Number three
(with lovely Wensleydale curls)

All are fanny packs
but the straps are long enough to wear over one shoulder too.

(Number four is on the table)


Daughter has a new family member

He is 12 weeks old
squints a bit with his blue eyes
and is sooooooooooooo  s o f t 

woensdag 7 augustus 2019

fanny pack

In ten days time we will have another market :
Saturday August 17
10.00  -  17.00

(in Zierikzee)

This is a special textile market
so I will leave my paintings home
and will take only "textile stuff" with me.

Some time ago
I made these small bags :
bum bag
fanny pack
(ha, didn't know that name but I like it)

I started making them
when we visited a medieval feast
and loved those tiny pouches, worn on a belt
for special small things.
(nothing like the handbags or shopping bags
we have nowadays)

Time to make some new ones like that.

The first pic has funny colours because is was taking at night,
next one (by daylight) the second colour is added
and the slot for the belt is made.

Decorations on the flap

finished front and inside the flap 

Back of the fanny pack

My  QUEEN OF THE NIGHT (Epiphyllum oxypetalum)
has been very generous lately

Though there were even more flowers buds,
in the end as much as 8 flowers bloomed
(not all at once of course !)

In the early evening three more started to open up
(the two at the bottom and one high up
are already from days before)

The next morning all were gone .....

(always hoping for seeds to develop
but never had any luck there)

maandag 29 juli 2019

new start

After I finished the big bag for daughter
there were days of
because of the extreme
 that we had here :
40 degrees Celsius
is quite unusual for our little country .....
Climate Change is presenting itself !
Staying inside (and reading) was the only wise thing to do.

Luckily the weekend brought
some rain (that the garden needed badly) and cooler weather.

Time to start something new.

Building it up with snippets in blues and greens,
a small piece : 15 x 15 cm  
(5.9 x 5.9") 
(on the right is what lóóks like Megamendung,
but it's made by Kaffe Fasset ...)

All of the snippets are "glue-stitched" down :
you see it on the back, NOT up front !

(eternal thanks, Jude ,
for ever in your debt   ;-)  !)

zondag 21 juli 2019

19 - 7 - 19 (.... I forgot)

Ahhhh ... forgot my 19 / 19 date post
because we were watching
the replay of the Apollo moon landing
50 years ago
Still some a-ma-zing stuff !!!

I've been stitching some very small pieces
that will become brooches
(5 x 7.5 cm  or 2"x 3")
... or they can be put in a small frame.

We had some very rainy days
but the garden  LOVED  it.
(and it keeps me from filling the watering can
and getting back ache again !)
When I was stitching
right next to the window because it was quite dark
I saw these :

But right now the hot weather
is just around the corner again.

so this afternoon the young swans were having a good time
swimming in their dinner !
(both with one foot on their back, haha)

And I was busy making a special bag
for daughters holiday

I'll finish it tomorrow ...

donderdag 4 juli 2019

fun weekend ! (6 / 7 July)

With great anticipation
I'm looking forward to this weekend :

we have a stand at the ART  MARKET near Winterswijk
close to the German border.

(for some silly reason I don't understand
it seems I cannot copy the flyer
of the Art Market in Berenschot Mölle ...
though I could on FB ..... grrrrrrr)

So I'll have to do it another way :

Though the market is on both days of the weekend
we will be there on SUNDAY
but on Saturday
we will visit my dear blogging-friend Birgit in Germany !

It has been a (too) loooong time since we've seen each other,
after visiting we will go to our B&B in Wintersijk
and next day to the market !

That's why I've been BUSY felting
these last few days

I made some felting objects, just for the fun of it
and trying some new tricks

The "Medusa jellyfish" is still drying upside down

(must still find a way to let it stand all by itself)

And some (life size) tulips
(also not done yet)

While in the garden lots and lots of Phlox's
are giving massive blobs of colour,
somewhere in the background is a stunning newcomer 

a Hemerocallis (day lily)
that I bought quite cheap in a box in some general store.
Normally there is hardly any "red" in my garden ...
but this dark red beauty (though it looks rather bright here in the sun)
is something I really like!

quite a bit of  RED  today 

dinsdag 25 juni 2019


Transformation mostly takes effort and time

Last week in the garden I was checking
the leaves of the Polygonatum
(or Salomon's Seal)
which are eaten every year by caterpillars
of (not even a butterfly but) some black saw fly
and I saw this :

a bright orange ladybug
with long orange wings showing from under the shields.
He (or she) was resting on its old cocoon.

 After two and a half hour the wings were folded under
and there were vague dots appearing

Again that time later he still sat there,
but ready to go, it seamed !
(probably still resting after the hard work !)


Also last week I did more felting
and tried something a dear blogging friend in Germany did.

Danke schön Brigitte, du machst das so wunderbar !

This transformation from wool to felt
takes a lot of effort and time !

phase 1

phase 2 and 3

End result, still drying
(with the helping stitches still in)

Hmmmmm ... why stop at one ???


Today again some felting :
my "rolling" assistant (of way back)
needed some presents for his two teachers
for the end of this school year ...
(he was home with us early, because of the heatwave here in Holland !)

Well, why not try some real felting this time !
A tiny bag for a phone perhaps ???

He laid the wool himself for the first one
(and I started on the second)

utter concentration !

And the result were two wonderful phone cases !

My phone (in plastic) in one ...
and the tiniest of toads on the other !
They still need a button for closure,
that will be next when they're dry !


And finally something very remarkable :
double special fundraising !!!

In Holland we have lots of water :
rivers, lakes, canals, you name it.
In winter it is good for ice skating (if it's cold enough)
and in summer for swimming.
We have a special ice skating tour in the northern part Friesland
that goes along eleven cities
and is more than 200 km long !!!

The former Olympic champion open-water-swimming
Maarten van der Weijden
tried this special eleven-cities-tour SWIMMING last year
(and "failed" after +/- 160 km)

Last Friday he started, and after almost
200 km and 70 hours of swimming
he arrived on Sunday in Leeuwarden

The last report so far was that he raised
€ 5.1 million
for cancer research !

Oh boy !
that's some fundraising !!!!!!!

(Maarten had, and was cured from cancer, when he was 19)

vrijdag 21 juni 2019


Today is the  l o n g e s t  day,
at least in the Northern hemisphere,
summer solstice.
(and the longest night Down Under)

I've been felting
trying some new (in fact old) things 
and it worked out just as I intended
(which isn't always the case)


a few steps to get there ...

I will be doing some more felting
in the next few days
trying things I wanted for some time
(hope they work out just like this one)