maandag 17 april 2017

Easter holiday over

Warm sweaters and home-knit socks
it was the best to wear
these Easter holidays !

But in the end
we had this cold but sunny day :
just right to look for Easter eggs 

a big basket to be filled ...

(the garden is so green ... I hope we found them all )

Man made a big browny cake
and we had a lovely dinner at the end of the day.

I used up a lot of Saturday (at the St'nB)
and Sunday doing very tiny crochet
with some of the "birthday-balls" of fine "Scheepjes" cotton !

I made some extra presents

a tiny monkey !

The youngest grandson adores his "Jacobus" monkey(s)
daughter made for him when he was born
and he still sleeps with them !
I had to try make one !
(sorry ... only in Dutch)

Though the tiny pieces gave me a headache
(and I could hardly hold them between my fingers !)
I managed to finish one ...

and started on the next !!!

For big brother   ;-)   ... they both LOVE green !
(the "girls" had some crochet flower for their key ring) 

I really LOVED the challenge
making tiny amigurumi will NOT be my new hobby !!!

(though I might try one or two .....)

vrijdag 14 april 2017

birthday (and more)

I love birthdays,
even my own that says I'm a year older ...
A day to remember you're there,
count your big and small blessings
and enjoy the company
of family and friends.

It was a quiet day with lovely people
(which was good considering the circumstances of
the last two "unpleasant busy" weeks)
Many balls of thin cotton (Scheepjes Maxi Bonbon)
to use for some fine crochet.

And of course lots of flowers (for inside and outside)


Because Easter is near
I made some felted eggs.

(thanks felt-friend Tine, for the idea)

Of course I owe you the last picture
of mister "Starry Eyes"

It might lóók as though nothing much has changed
but there are hundreds more stitches.

The garden is more and more blue every day

Wishing you all a lovely Easter weekend
(though it will be rather COLD here !)