maandag 17 januari 2011

before the BORO-storm

Last week I was knitting, knitting, knitting.
The present socks were finished in time
I gave them on Saturday to the "birthday-boy"
he tried them on right away
and they fitted nicely
 pffffft !
( Normally I think it's rather funny to have to "different coloured" socks
because the yarn on the boll is variegated and you never know
where in the colour scheme your sock is finished
and which colour the next sock will start with ........
this time I didn't dare doing that, so they look quite the same )

For another birthday I felted a poppy
here it's not finished yet, but just to show how much
( with two thin layers ) it shrunk, because I used the paper
as a template to put the wool down !

And another piece of wet felt that I will use like Sara Lechner
just started ...

and done !
( A4 paper )
Show you later what I will do with it.

It will be good to do something different from time to time
when I need time to think things over
in Jude's BORO-class
( starting in two days )

And believe it or not
altough it's still January and it might start freezing again

Spring is in the air ....!

3 opmerkingen:

  1. zo mooi die kleine bloempjes zo dapper om nu al uit de grond te kruipen

  2. Snow and ice in the air here! I love the socks and the felted poppy!

    I look forward to sharing Jude's Boro class with you!

  3. Love the felted poppy! I sent you an email asking about the scarf - I'm in Jude's class also.