zondag 6 februari 2011

blue ... and a bit of yellow

Finally I started on the weaving under tension
which Jude explained to the class.
First I didn't know what to weave on but then I found
an old IKEA photo frame that once fell on the floor
( glas broken and all askew )
I did a bit of repair with some cardboard
glued on all four corners :

After ripping many, many strips I could start binding the warp around the frame
On the strips that were not long enough to bind a bow
I sewed on a piece or used a pin

then the weaving could begin

It was really great fun, basting down every strip that was woven.

After one side on the frame was done
I had to untie the bows and rearrange the weaving to the other side,
that was a bit fiddly
but when the warp was tied under tension again
I could continue on the second half

I even found some lace to weave in

Sooner than I thought both sides were filled

... and although the day was gray and windy
there was already a little bit of yellow sunshine
in the garden

Winter aconites
( Eranthus heymalis )

4 opmerkingen:

  1. love seeing the frame that you used. it is just beautiful. can't wait to see how you complete it.

  2. Great to see the extra photos. I thought I had a frame like that, but it appears I sold it in the last yard sale. (Of course, I really need to stop weaving new pieces and start stitching the ones I have !)

  3. Great piece Els and seeing more photos help to understand how you started. Are you going to dye with aconites? - Hugs Nat

  4. Beautiful choice of fabrics, the blues are so peaceful. I am in Jude's class too, though not nearly as talented as yourself and others over there!