zaterdag 12 maart 2011

back at last !

I'm back on the internet at last
I must tell you :
it was quiet, but it wasn't fun !

The computer went to the repair man
and had to be cleaned
of 4 viruses
And now all programs are júst a bit different
( that is not funny either !!! )

 So now I 've a lot of catching up to do,
but for this first day I'm giving some
"background information"

literally, I mean

This is my felt / fabric piece of last month
( I showed already a few bits and pieces )
To achieve the same thickness everywhere
I cut out the piece of the batting where the felt is,
then I put a very thin cotton layer to keep all things together.
I don't mind that in the end
you see all the stitches I made
I don't want to hide them under another backing fabric.

Because this piece is about the night sky
with stars and the moon
I suddenly thought it needed something else
like ....
"a black hole"
so I really made a neat hole !

 Although it finally became a "red dwarf"
( because on a white wall any hole becomes a "white" hole )
and please don't ask me the astrnomical explanation !

I found some funny bits that I altered with stitches
and added
lots and lots and lots
of tiny stars

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