woensdag 27 juli 2011

a wand ... and a bag

Last Monday we had a birthday girl : 10
and one of her presents was
a wand !

She's quite mad about Harry and all of his books
( the last one is being read to her now, although she could easily read it herself )

The wand came in a box and was brought by owl
( ofcourse )

( Man, daughter and me went to see the last movie yesterday ....
I think we plan a marathon view someday : all eight movies in a row !!! )
Because the felted bag I use every day is getting a very weak spot,
which badly needs repair, I wanted to make a new bag.
The plan for a new one was there for quite some time already,
but as such things go  
I couldn't decide about the colour, the size, the model ....
( and my bag is getting worse every time I use it ! )

Finally I decided to use the "holy blue"
that is an ultramarine blue I bought at HAWAR's over a year ago
and it is an exact match for the colour
of my blue Cora Kemperman clothes ! 
That's why it was kept apart in our stash for such a long time :
"you can use blue, that's okay, but : not the "holy blue"  !"

So now it was the time for the holy blue, with some turquoise and purple for the inside.
The bag should be rather simple this time
but I wanted to add an inside pocket in the felt.
That's not a problem, I did that before, but I wanted it to be big,
almost like another compartment

So I made a template out of  IKEA plastic for the bag and some bubble wrap for the pocket
and I made some holes in the flap

All went quite well

I removed the rather sturdy template of the bag
ánd removed the pocket in one go !
I considered trying to felt it on again, but decided against it :
I'll sew in a pocket.


the bag is drying now with a lot of towels in it
and when the strap is finished and sewn on

I will be happy

While I was at it, I made a waistband too out of the "holy blue" 
After I finished felting, it was still way too big
I rather boldly put it in the washing machine 
( never did thát before ... ) 
on the wool washing program
and now it fits !

I think it's a kind of  "dragon" waistband

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