zaterdag 5 november 2011

enough ?

When I'm knitting I like to use
fingering weight yarn :
a lot of stitches on a fine needle.

( Don't make thick sweaters anymore nowadays :
with central heating you don't need them
and outside the ever present wind blows through ! )

I've used different brands of "sock yarn" for the socks I knitted,
a 100 gram skein is enough for a pair of socks
up till quite big !
For my size I mostly use up about 60 (+) gram
so that always leaves me with "one sock" leftover yarn ...

The blue socks of my favourite Regia yarn
( two 50 gram skeins )
were finished and I had about 20 g left of each skein
What to do with thát ?
Since winter is coming I had a good idea :
for fingerless gloves ( mitts ) it should be just enough ( I hoped )

And .......

pffffft, ... glad I was right
( when you see what was left ! )

Which only leaves me with a little bit more knitting to do 
to finish the second one !

( Won't do any cables in this kind of self striping yarn anymore
it's hardly to be seen )

8 opmerkingen:

  1. These are wonderful, I love that yarn, the variagted colours are so pretty. I SO wish I could knit, I would be crazy pleased with myself if I had made these, you're brilliant!

  2. I love those fingerless mitts! Great solution to leftover yarn. You could also knit a "pair" of unmatched socks with leftovers from two other pair!

  3. love your fingerless gloves. gorgeous yarn. i'm going to cut the sleeves from an old wool sweater to make some. don't have the time to knit right now.

  4. The yarn is gorgeous! I have yet to knit socks, but the thought of having warm socks in colors I like is appealing. Now mitts, I love and keep making more. I liked Connie's idea of unmatched socks.

  5. Your socks are to die for--and matching mitts to boot! lovely colors of yarn.
    best, nadia

  6. A beautiful blue, Els - and fingerless gloves are so handy to wear, even indoors when it gets too chilly. xxoo, sus

  7. Regia is my favourite sock yarn too, it always washes really well. Love those matching gloves!

  8. love these els

    Oooh i would love some of these, have to get my knitting needles out.