donderdag 23 februari 2012

is a dragon blue or red ....

The year of the dragon is already a bit on it's way
but a good week ago
I found the dragon to go with it.
( I had bought two of them earlier, but both became a present )

I very much love the bright colours !

And he goes so well with the dragon
( or winged snake Naga )
I bought almost 20 years ago on Bali !!!


The warm colours of Naga will be mirrored
in the knitting I started this week.
The two skeins of the Araucania wool were in a drawer
for some time, and all the other reds that I wanted to use together with it.

( the colours look a bit more pink then they really are )

I will knit a little vest in the "Horst Schulz" way :  module knitting.
This technique was explained in the 5/1993 and 2/1994 issue
of the Dutch needle craft magazine "Handwerken zonder Grenzen"

And this is what the vest will look like, only in a different colour

( this one I gave to my dear friend M, it fitted her better than me ... )
So ....  there are a LOT more little squares to be knit !

5 opmerkingen:

  1. Great knitting! I have an angel from Bali hanging in my their woodwork!

  2. The dragon is fabulous, Els - I love the yarn colors, and the knitting pattern is most intricate. -sus

  3. I have no idea how you do that, but those knitted blocks are just brilliant. They look like patchwork :-)

  4. i just love modular knitting...and you are doing such a lovely job! i remember knitting socks like that back in my knitting days. seeing your vest reminds me that i have a sweater or two in unfinished states. wonder if i'll ever find the time to finish them up? no matter. in the meantime, i get to enjoy your beautiful creations!


  5. They look so beautiful - reminding me a bit of Noro art.