woensdag 7 maart 2012

starting all over again

I started on this mitered little vest
in red colours some days ago.
Then, last week, my friend M visited me,
wearing the blue vest.
I asked her to take it with her so I could measure it
and decide what size to make the miters in the new red one

( she looks wonderful in it )

I decided to make less squares ánd use a smaller size needle  2,5
I made an extra sample with needle 2
Then I took it with me to the knitting group at the alpaca farm.
There, our new friend I
(who is making a gorgeous multicoloured BIG triangle shawl) 
said the knitting would probably become too stiff on that 2 needle.
I also realized that with one square less the pattern wouldn't fit anymore !
Thanks for the advice !

I started all over again !

ánd I dicided to add some bigger squares too !

That was partly because of the wonderful book
I found at our dear alpaca-lady's shop !
An very early birthday present !!!

Mmmmm ..... there will be more knitting, I guess


Uhhhh ...
more knitting ?


( pssssst : don't forget the giveaway .... )

4 opmerkingen:

  1. Congratualtions!!! The sweater on the cover of your new book is gorgeous! I love the handkerchief hem and the swing of the sweater. Have fun!!!

  2. oh. i'm in love with those socks. and the red mitred knitting is gorgeous. you sure know how to pick colors.

  3. I think the addition of big squares makes the design even better. Happy knitting, Els! -sus