dinsdag 24 juli 2012

holidays ..... home again

Holidays are great
coming home again is good too !
(Though I had to go to the dentist right away !
On the boat trip to Rotterdam,
I had a lovely conversation with a young man from Pittsburg
who cycled with his parents through Holland ...
it made me forget about the dentist,
though I'll have to go there again on Friday  :-( ... )

We had two weeks together with daughter's little family
in a holiday cottage in a wooded area in the east of the country
(we all are more "wood" than "beach" people)

The weather wasn't great all the time but that doesn't matter much for kids
playing outside with new friends, a swimming pool, an air cushion to hop around, 
and a box full of LEGO

We also visited the lovely city of Deventer

historic buildings

playing on the "Brink" (town square)

There were still some days with worries about the baby :
cramps are still an issue
(now we think it might be hidden reflux)

but there were góód times too !!!

Being on the east side of the country gave me the opportunity
to make arrangements to visit my blog-felting-friend Gabi !
It was soooooo much fun to see each other in real-life !

We chatted a lot, had "Kaffee und Kuchen",
and I bought this lovely little cat
(I already had a crush on her cats since I saw them in her shop)

Thanks again Gabi for the lovely day !

Ooooo ... and post number 200 ! So many already ?

6 opmerkingen:

  1. looks like it was a grand time. great images. such a wonderful smile on baby.

  2. Sounds like you made the very best of not brilliant weather, Els, wich is what we have been doing having my son and family from New Zealand for a month - awful weather but we had to just get on with it!

    Can I suggest (as a retired paediatric nurse and Health Visitor,) you find your nearest paediatric cranial osteopathist, who will be able to sort out your little one's cramps in no time without resorting to patent medicines or worse! We regularly sent 'our' mums from our surgery and the results were always excellent!

  3. The little guy sure looks happy in this photo! Love that kitty and the shop!

  4. Hi, Els. What a fun vacation and that little guy is a heart-breaker already. Your garden looks so beautiful, too (wow, it's green and flowering whereas mine is d-r-y), and your mandala quilt is really beautiful. Stay cool!
    best, nadia

  5. Liebe Els, das Foto vom Baby ist sooo knuffelig..ich wünsche ihm sehr, daß sich seine Probleme bald geben!
    Und noch einmal vielen Dank für den Besuch-es war ein schöner und interessanter Nachmittag- es gibt doch nichts Schöneres als ein wenig Fachsimpelei!
    Liebe Grüße

  6. Wow Jair is looking so big. thanks for sharing your holiday with us