vrijdag 9 november 2012

sunny bag

When I had this friend over who felted the red bag
I didn't do much else than a bit of knitting
(and making coffee, tea and lunch)
I don't have enough space
for "more than one bag at the time"
That's okay, but I always start felting myself
right after such a day.

I planned this new bag
to fit especially to a jacket that I made for myself
out of silk / linen five years ago
(remember for wich occasion  ;-)  !)
I will make a picture of it later, with the bag ...

Sunny colours : golden yellow, pink and a bit magenta
The Ginkgo leaves are no coincidence !

I used the same template as the one for my orange bag
(last year) and the friend's red bag

There's the Ginkgo (a bit of pre-felt) 
and I used some netting in order to prevent that the design might shift

It really took a long time and repeated corrections
before the spirals stayed in place.

(the spiral is a bit more pink than here on the photo)

Now I must wait till it's completely dry so I can fix the strap
and a little magnet as a closure.


16 opmerkingen:

  1. gorgeous. love purple and yellow contrast.

  2. Oh- so absolutely beautiful, Els! I really love the shape.
    Gingko leaves are so lovely, and yours express their elegance and serenity perfectly....the extra effort to get the spiral set as you wanted was worth it...very beautiful!

  3. What a beautiful little treasure....and the spiral is FAB.
    You are wise to follow a *making* day with your own day of inspiration ;>]]

  4. Beautiful... I love that gingko leaf design too. No wonder you are so happy!

    Jacky xox

  5. Die Tasche ist wunderschön geworden- und so eine exakte Spirale!
    Viele liebe Grüße

  6. Prachtig geworden, Els. Het is toch steeds weer een uitdaging dat te maken wat je voor ogen hebt.

  7. wow, this is one of the most exquisite and creative things I have seem

  8. Absolutely beautiful work, Els. I love the color combination. Happy weekend, sus

  9. I just popped over and had to say how beautiful the bag is .. fabulous!!!!

  10. Gorgeous bag. I love the shape of ginkgo leave, beautiful - hugs Nat

  11. Oh my goodness! Els this is beautiful, so delicate, lovely design and colours. You must be so pleased with it. Lx

  12. this is such a pretty bag....very pretty colours and the design is great.