zondag 23 december 2012

Serious Request

That is the name for a special action this time each year
by three Radio DJ's
who are living in a "glass house" for a week without food.
The benefits they get,
from people who pay money to hear special music
or is donated in some other way,
will go to the Red Cross

This year the motto is
"let's hear it for the babies"
The money will be spent to fight back
infant mortality in Africa
before, during or just after birth.

That's the charity I wanted to spend
my "Mouse-lottery" money on !

So here is the mouse
sitting on top of the Christmas decoration,
the ladybug money-box (still rather empty)
the glass jar with the felted balls
and pen and paper
to write down name, telephone and chosen number of balls !
It went very well !
There was € 111,65 in the ladybug
at the end of day two.
I topped it up till a nice round figure
and just send it off to Serious Request.

And ?
How many balls wére in the jar ???
(yes, just my age, ha !)
But ... because there were tree people with the right answer
I had to use a RNG
(random number generator)

At first we tried to use three felted balls,
but the "generator" didn't want to pick up any of them
so we used pieces of paper with names instead

It seemed one of them tasted very good ...

and Serena is the lucky one !
I phoned her and will bring her the mouse tomorrow.
(I was very sorry for the other two "winners"
so I'll send off a finger puppet mouse to each of them)

And the Christmas Fair ?
Two loooooooooong, but fun days
and I mostly sold to people I know !

(I was véry glad that one of the little quilts that were for sale
went to my dearest friend and former teaching-partner !
I know it gets a loving home !)

It has a name now too : "This it your wake-up call"

I sewed the little "felt-fabric" onto a canvas I painted first.
I think that's a nice solution for such small work
(though for me, textile work can easily hang on it's own)

Update on Serious Request :
when the three DJ's came out of the glass house
in the evening of the 24th
the total amount of money raised for the Red Cross was
€ 12.251.667, --


6 opmerkingen:

  1. I especially love that little piece! Happy Holidays Els! xo

  2. So sweet the little cloth is...so generous your heart is. Love your "generator"!
    Happy Holiday to you and yours Els!

  3. You have the cutest random number generator I have ever seen! Glad you had fun (and some sales) at the fair, Els. I love your tiny quilt which reminds me that spring will return for sure. xxoo, sus

  4. I LOVE that little root child picture.But I love all your work. Will you ever open a shop?
    Your little RNG looks so healthy and happy I am sure he is a joy. Merry Christmas

  5. bravo! and your work is so beautiful! warm greetings from Paris!