dinsdag 22 januari 2013


Last weekend we sounded the "trumpets"
for our birthday boy :
9 years old !

Blowing the candles 
(and making a wish ... ?)

And there were other "trumpets" that I found here.
When I'm honest I must confess 
that I'm not thát keen on tea cosies myself ...
Though I must really laugh when I see all those fun designs 
Loani Prior comes up with :
she really is the Queen of tea cosies !!!

But these little trumpet flowers came with a free pattern 
I simply hád to try

A little leftover Noro Kureyon Sock did the trick
Mmmmmmmmm ...
lovely little trumpets !

In the garden we have lots of food for the birds,
they badly need it, in this snowy cold wintertime !
Sparrows, finches, all kinds of tits and the occasional robin,
blackbirds, starlings and turtledoves ...

While the water is frozen
the moorhens often seek a safe place high up on the pergola

... because there are cats wandering around on the ice !!!

(Aaaaah just too bad : all that snow makes the ice
unsuitable for skating ...)

6 opmerkingen:

  1. happy birthday to the 9 year old. time goes by so quickly. and i love those trumpet flowers. i printed the pattern to try sometime. they would make great gift tags with some beads dangling.

  2. Happy Birthday to the 9 year old. My G-son's birthday was on Sunday and he is 2 year old. Oh, those trumpet flowers are so cute. Loani is so generous to share her pattern. I love her tea cosies and knitted 3 from her books. I hope Loani will be at my house for a tea party this year. I'm getting excited!!!

  3. Nat sent me over here to see your beautiful trumpet flowers. They are gorgeous. Thank you.

  4. Glückwünsche für das Enkelkind- und die kleinen Blüten sind bezaubernd!
    Liebe Grüße

  5. a very happy....(late!) birthday to your boy from England!! I hope he had a wonderful day x

  6. These trumpets have possibilities for you Els. Good bird photos. I can just picture those Wiley cats skulking about on the frozen canal. Too bad about no skating! We have rain here again today - love, sus