donderdag 7 februari 2013


This week I got the most wonderful message 
from a very dear friend in Austria :
her daughter has a healthy baby boy.

So I took some paper 
and my beloved Karisma colour pencils
(yes .... they still last !)
and drew them a birth mandala as a present
which will be in the mail, probably tomorrow

Just these little bits till it has arrived safely ...

For the rest ...
I'm still (double) knitting
(ooooh yes, it's quite addictive)

I was very curious how much there was still left on the skeins,
so I put them on a scale.

This means I'll have enough to finish the scharf
 which will then have about 25 rows of blocks.
that will do, I think !

9 opmerkingen:

  1. your knitting is beautiful. love the variegations forming. whenever i panic and am worried if i will have enough yarn, i also bring out the scale.

  2. Hi, Els. lovely drawing and the colors in your knitting are glorious. And the design is so pleasing. So, how about some stitching?
    best, nadia

  3. Wat een schattige tekeningen...ben benieuwd naar het geheel ;-)
    Die sjaal wordt een prachtexemplaar, echt super mooi!
    Alvast een fijn weekend, groetjes van Mirjam.

  4. Wonderful knitting, wonderful colors.

  5. How charming Els. This Mandala is an heirloom. Lovely colors in that knitting - fiber rainbow!
    Love - sus

  6. what a beautiful honouring gift for the new baby and I am in love with your scarf, what a beauty!!

  7. Love seeing your drawings :) Lucky baby to receive this gift!

  8. Such a beautiful drawing Els- such a special gift!
    And your knitting is great...I love Noro and have a box somewhere...I may have to pull it out! What a great way to show off the shifting colours!