donderdag 13 februari 2014


Blogging has slowed down a bit,
mostly because of the horribly  s l o w  computer,
but life and creating things goes on as normal 

I did finish the lovely lace shawlette of that fiery wool,

      I finished one sock  .........  and started another pair

ànd  I enjoyed the first two lessons of my felting class.

Last weekend was the start of the second week 
Fiona Duthie

And let me tell you this :
if you're a felter, and want to have some real fun 
with old and new techniques,
presented in a very thorough, good documented class ...
join Fiona 
for the next run of this SDO class !!!

(I think the next time starts right after summer,
keep an eye on her blog for that,
it's in my sidebar)

One of the techniques appealed to me right away,
and because I also had to make something 
for my new felting-exchange, the connection was made.
The theme for my first "exchange" month was

Here is the postcard size face for Caroline

There were two layers, with resits,
then cut open at the desired places and continue felting.
I'm sure I'll use this technique some more in the future !

Although winter still holds a lot of places in a firm grip ...

spring is definately on it's way !
(sorry, for all of those who are still "covered" in snow)

8 opmerkingen:

  1. The knitting is so beautiful, Els, and the felting class is intriguing to me...

  2. effies sprakeloos....ik dacht dat je een geroutineerd felter was
    je bent het al wel heel snel
    jeetje wat een goed gezicht de kleuren de textuur.....het zal toch nog wel een beetje koud gaan worden?
    hier ook sneeuwklokjes
    enne dit jaar gaan we elkaar hoop ik een keer ontmoeten..

  3. Wat mooi allemaal Els!
    De bloemetjes staan er mooi bij :-)...
    Liefs, Mirjam.

  4. Toll, dein neues Gesicht, Els! :-)
    Und ich schaue ganz neidisch auf die wunderbaren Frü blüht ja alles etwas eher bei euch!
    Liebe Grüße

  5. I love the faces, very appropriate for Valentine's day that they appear to be kissing :)

  6. Mooie werken weer! En de kleuren van de eerste sok vind ik echt leuk!

  7. The shawl turn out beautifully. Is it realy that bright?
    Ive started my first sock! I learn how to make the heal tomorrow. Im realy excited about it. I think this year it will be the year of the sock!!!!!!