vrijdag 19 december 2014

going to solstice and ... a present

It is really quiet down here.

(I visited the Christmas market here today :
and I'm very glad I decided over a month ago
not to participate this year ! 
I'm sorry to say that there were very few stands that I liked !
Really must find another type of market for my art.)

Because I made a little solstice quiltlet this summer
I thought it would be nice to make another one
this December.

I decided to make them "sisters in size"
20 x 20 cm

I "glue stitched" the first bits and then pinned down 
a lot of others scraps.
I started stitching, but didn't take a picture of the progress yet ...

My studio assistant was very much attracted to the boxes with scraps !

He loved to put them in his chair, the little buggy instead of his bear,
and opened and closed the lids ...
(I was glad he didn't tip them over) 

Then arrived in the mail a fun envelope :
Helmi had already send me an email for my address,
so I knew something was coming  ;-)

Thank you Helmi,
for this lovely surprise !!!
They will decorate the room or xmas tree this year !
Apart from the angels, there was also this fun little scrap 
with a goat (screen) printed on it 
She makes such fun things,
and I love what she teaches at schools !

2 opmerkingen:

  1. colorful little quiltlet and how wonderful that your little helper takes an interest in the scraps....maybe an artist in the making. enjoy your holidays.

  2. Els, ken je de Swan market in Rotterdam? http://www.swanmarket.nl

    Misschien is dit wel een mooie plek voor jouw werk.

    En ken je Verweven, in Zierikzee? http://www.vezel.org/agenda/weefmarkt-verweven/