zondag 15 februari 2015

not a mouse .....

Here is the solution of the riddle

Ha  ! 
A very colourful beast

I'll show you the steps how it came to this.

After the first "mousy" bit, I attached the tail and a crest,
and the tricky bit : the legs
Because the feet were a bit too big, I just cut some bits off.
(this doesn't matter because I had to add another layer of wool)

Just like a real chameleon
he slowly changed colour !

till he was ready to dry
(Mmmmm ... silly beast, thought Bella)

Daughter continued too with a new project
after we took some new pictures of the (now dry) hat

This will be a jacket

10 opmerkingen:

  1. a Magnificant Beast!!!! how skilled you are! Just WonderFull!!!!!

  2. A-Ha! Not a mouse at all! He is adorable. How nice to spend time like this with your daughter :)

  3. I love the chameleon and the hat is very sophisticated .

  4. Liebe Els, das ist das bezauberndste Chamäleon, das mir je untergekommen ist!
    Mit lieben Grüßen

  5. Amazing! :) I love how the colours gradually merge. Clever you!
    Jess xx

  6. Großartig!!! Das Werden des Chamäleon, das Zusammentreffen mit Bella und auch der Hut! Auf die Jacke bin ich schon gespannt.
    Mach´s gut, Birgit

  7. Hi Els, I love your little chameleon, he's just delightful, such character, no wonder your cat was so taken with him. Very intrigued too by your daughter's preparations for a jacket, I hope we get to see it when it's done - I can't imagine creating something as definite as that from what look like scraps of beautiful smoke, or in chameleon's case, delicate wisps of colour.
    Have you seen the amazing video here?


    Mesmerising, it was originally posted here



  8. Wow Els I came over to finally have a look at what your doing and man I just love that little chameleon .. he is so so cute. And you are always doing such wonderful felted projects. Your daughter's hat is fabulous. I am on day 20 of my abstracts and really loving the last two .. i'm posting day 20 today. Keep doing your wonderful work !!!