zondag 19 april 2015

colours .....

After I started with the few cuffs I made
out of the boxful of  fabric strips
it is almost as if I can't stop :
I have so many gorgeous fabrics in my (giant) stash !
It is so tempting to make new colour combinatons ...
It's like creating a new little story
over and over again.

The one on the right is finished,
the one on the left I finished late in the evening
because it fits só well to the yellow/green "Spring"sweater
that I wanted to wear to the Stitch'n Bitch yesterday.

Uhhhhm ..... I couldn't help it but had to make
a matching brooch too !

Today I finished of the ones that were only halfway done.
It took a lot of time
but I love them all to be neat when they're up for sale on the market !

Spring, Dusk, Seaglass and Dawn

The finished batch so far ...
(in front of my collection of children's picture books)

(I'm thinking about some earthy colours too to complete it ...)

I can  NEVER  resist taking a picture
when the Prunus (flowering cherry) is in bloom



4 opmerkingen:

  1. i'm thinking it might be nice to add that type cuff to some of my white blouses. you did a great job.

  2. Gorgeous, Els! Such lovely fabrics too! Lxx

  3. Yes spring is on its way. You have been very busy. Great. Love these combination of colors.