zondag 29 november 2015

loooong ago ... and a new felting exchange start

November was rushing by
and the last month of the year is nearly upon us !
Time flies ...

That was what I thought 
when I received, a few weeks ago
an invitation for a reunion.

This photograph,
of a looooong time ago,
was put on FB ...
and it started the search for others who were in that class
in 1971 !

Some of the children of those days
which are adults of 50 now
still live here in this village
(like I still do ...
and that very young teacher was me)
Yesterday I met with a lot of those "little pupils" ...
I had a hard time recognizing some
and knew others right away !
(one of the "girls" even came all the way from Rome
where she has lived for 25 years)


I finished and send away the four extra felted jewels
that were on commission

The end of November also meant 
that I needed to hurry finishing  my piece for the new
felting exchange !!!

The theme was 
and it had to be bigger than the postcard size
of the last two years :
20 x 20 cm !

The start with some prefelt and a cobweb bit

There were more prefelt bits  for the fish 
and on the back I put two more layers for strength.

In the end it turned out the prefelt for the sea horse
was absolutely too thick ...

But :

with the stitching finished ...

a bit fuzzy
but definitely a sea horse
(I think)

Tomorrow it will go in the mail !

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  1. Wat een lieve juf, nog steeds heel herkenbaar koppie .... En wat een leuk zeepaard!
    Liefs, Mirjam.