vrijdag 15 januari 2016

cowl finished !

I love colours !
That's why this yarn called out to me
(though it's polyester)
On top of that it's shiny
and easy to knit.
 A friend on Ravelry (who I met in a yarn shop !)
made a lovely cowl / shawl of it,
and as soon as I bought my skein, I remembered that.
I asked her how many stitches she had
and started right away

Mitered knitting is easy
because you never have more stitches on your needle
than at the start of every new block.
And NO sewing blocks together :
every new block starts at the side (or two sides)
of an old one !

(if you're interested, you can find the pattern here)

It's amazing : the colours of the second row
just fit so nicely next to each other ...
If I had meant it to be like that up front,
I would probably NOT have succeeded doing so !
The yarn did it all by itself !

Very happy with it !

Because there is a special birthday tomorrow
I made a little card for a friend

Stitching on "lutradur" with a thick thread on the bobbin,
fabric and paper underneath ...


10 opmerkingen:

  1. So beautiful, Els. The last years I didn´t knit at all but this would be a great project.

  2. beautiful colours indeed, no wonder you were tempted.

  3. Mooi Els! Ik heb het patroontje opgeslagen. Eerst mijn Festival sjaal afhaken, nog een heel project met superdunne wol, alpaca met linnen en zijde, maar wordt wel prachtig! Groetjes, Siets

  4. Thank you all, the cowl was really fun and quick to make !

  5. sehr schön geworden !
    Liebe Grüße

  6. OMG, that is gorgeous! You wear rainbow colours so elegantly. Looks beautiful on you Els!

  7. the yarn really does shimmer beautifully Els....

  8. Super wzór i włóczka, nigdy wcześniej nie widziałam. Też sobie zrobię, ale spódniczkę.