vrijdag 12 mei 2017


Indigo, holds something 
for me.

And because the process isn't easy at all,
because I don't have much room
(inside or outside) for dyeing
I'm very happy that I'm attending an 
indigo workshop
tomorrow !
Yeaaahhh !

So this week was time for preparations for that.

On some lovely green silk
(a birthday present from last year)
I started stitching ...
and pulling tight !

I don't know all the Japanese names
for the different kinds of shibori
but you can find a LOT about it on the net.

The whole green strip is stitched now
and now I'm busy on an old T shirt of daughter
and an off white silk "camisole"

I'm delighted to have little bits of fabric
on which I can dye my own indigo  moons 
(like the ones Glennis and Jude make)

One piece finished :
ready for the dye pot !

12 opmerkingen:

  1. it's beautiful, look forward to seeing what happens with the indigo magic

  2. Es wird klasse werden und ich bin mir 100% sicher, du wirst auch begeistert sein!!! Bitte berichte!!

  3. So exciting! I bet you had lots of fun x

  4. Oh what fun, hope you had a marvellous time - looking forward to seeing the results :-)

  5. Dat gaat volgens mij iets heel moois worden. Alleen de voorbereidingen zijn al leuk.

  6. Oh Els I bet you had a fabulous time! I did an indigo/shibori workshop some years ago, and we ended up with some lovely fabric samples. I look forward to seeing what you use yours for!

    1. It was great Lynne !
      Have my own "moons" to use now ...