zaterdag 9 september 2017

September ...

September is already on it's way.
There was some sun,
there was a splash of rain ...

Nooo ... not as big a splash as this ...
this splash was made for the
(still on-going .... no we can't stop)

on-line felting class of Corinna Nitschman

the month started with a long-desired wish :
solar panels
Our roof faces south-west, so why not !

Happy now !

The postman brought a long-expected package from Germany !
Some months ago I got a proposal for a swap
from a German blogging-friend, Heidi
a special pendant for her and a handmade stoneware bowl for me.!
I send her the pendant and patiently waited.
She needed some time to make the bowl ...
bring it to the kiln ...
then it was holiday-time ...
so she send it the end of August.

Ahhhhh, had a fright when it arrived : a big hole in the package ...
but luckily Heidi had packed it safely in two cartons !!!
phew !

Isn't that a beauty ?

Love the design she made of the flowers I could choose :
Fritillaria and Snowdrops !

And with it came a piece of her solar-dyed fabric !
SO happy with it all !


And on went the making of felted shells
(I must confess : it starts to look like an addiction ...)

Two new spiral ones and an "old" one,
and two more "normal" shells, but forgot to take a picture.

And, to unlearn, another pair of wrist warmers.


7 opmerkingen:

  1. wow love what you are doing with felt, the ceramic bowl is a beauty & I dream of having solar panels again in the not too faraway!

    1. Thanks Mo !!! Making a swap worked out wonderful (again) ;-)
      So happy the solar panels are at last in place !

  2. Achja der Onlinekurs ist diesmal so intensiv und Splash steht bei mir auch noch auf der Liste. Deine Filzereien sind toll geworden, gucke ja auch immer im Fusselhof ;O)
    Schön hier ein bisschen zu stöbbern ;O)))
    Lieben Inselgruß

    1. Genau Kerstin : Fusselhof ist ein schöner Platz :-)

      Deine Katze (von Gabi) ist wirklich toll geworden. Das war übrigens das erste mal (als wir Gabi besuchten) dass ich Bergschaf in der Hand hielt ... gefällt mir super für Tiere !

      (sind die "Grannys" aus handgefärbte Wolle ???)

  3. Love the splash! Love the shells! Love your work!! xx

  4. Hallo Els

    hast du einen Kurs bei Pam de Groot belegt? oh....ich wußte nicht dass sie in Europa war...schade....da ich kein f...cebook - Mitglied bin geht wohl viel an mir vorbei.

    wunderschöne Schnecken hast du da gefilzt- ich liebe Schneckenhäuser
    liebe Grüße