donderdag 18 januari 2018

18 - 1 - 18

The year has quietly started ...
and I continued with what I was doing
at the end of December :
After the "Snowman" and the "Star catcher"
I was in the mood again !
Other crafts have been quiet for a while,
that's how things work best for me.

I have a whole page with little sketches
with ideas that I might make
into a bigger little painting
with gouache paint (poster paint)
Normally I work with acrylic paint, "oils" is not me ...
The little grandson is very happy that I'm using that now,
instead of acrylic paint !
(that HARD to get from his clothes,
should he make a mess ...
so now he's happy to work next to me !)

After making the layered background
I start with the drawing in chalk pencil
(which is in fact for sewing, but it works great)

Working the light colours is a bit tricky
(because the layers underneath easily dissolve again)

The rest is for tomorrow ...

Red, yellow and blue ...
and learning how to mix the other colours !



We had a mighty storm today here in Holland :
roofsblown off, trees fell and trucks blown over,
all train traffic stopped
and some roads were closed.

In the afternoon is quieted down, thank heavens !

A true winter storm !

10 opmerkingen:

  1. such a beautiful painting/drawing & wow, that was some storm you had up there!

    1. Thanks ((Mo))
      (yes, it was a bit scary, but we're all safe, but there's a lot of damage elsewhere)

  2. Oh, your owls! and painting side by side, how wonderful. (& last night a non-knitting friend was so impressed with your knitting needle holder. She went on and on about it!)

    1. Thanks ((Hazel)) It's new material and fun !
      (ahhhh so sad she's a non-knitter ... ;-) ...)

    2. She tries every few years, and then I end up finishing it for her.

    3. Ha, all the more reason to see each other ... ;-)

  3. Your paintings are beautiful Els, and so is your grandson. Hope you managed to see the "super blue moon" last night :-)

  4. your lovely work, owl sketches, children painting and thoughtful words make my day-
    Happy Spring Els!

    1. Thank you so much Cecilia !!!
      (nothing like your everlasting burned flowers !)