vrijdag 19 april 2019

19 - 4 - 19 (Easter holiday)

With mum working
we were standby for the youngest
on the first day of the Easter holidays.

The new dip net should be tried !
(with the water next to our garden
that's no problem at all)

But here, at the "deep" end, nothing showed up ...

So why not move to the opposite site of the water ...

or, even better, the little island ...

Not much luck there either
Too soon for frog eggs ?
(the only catch was a dead (stinking) rams horn snail)

He also made a sudoku puzzle,
almost all by himself !

(a new game since he writes numbers)


In the garden things are developing quickly now


2 opmerkingen:

  1. (((Els))) you grow Snakeshead fritillary, oh how I would love to see it in real life, you have such a beautiful garden!

    1. ((Mo)) we all have plants we would love to have, but cannot have .... ;-)
      I'm very fond of the Fritillaria myself (so are the bright red Lily beetles ... GRRRR !)