zondag 21 juli 2019

19 - 7 - 19 (.... I forgot)

Ahhhh ... forgot my 19 / 19 date post
because we were watching
the replay of the Apollo moon landing
50 years ago
Still some a-ma-zing stuff !!!

I've been stitching some very small pieces
that will become brooches
(5 x 7.5 cm  or 2"x 3")
... or they can be put in a small frame.

We had some very rainy days
but the garden  LOVED  it.
(and it keeps me from filling the watering can
and getting back ache again !)
When I was stitching
right next to the window because it was quite dark
I saw these :

But right now the hot weather
is just around the corner again.

so this afternoon the young swans were having a good time
swimming in their dinner !
(both with one foot on their back, haha)

And I was busy making a special bag
for daughters holiday

I'll finish it tomorrow ...

4 opmerkingen:

  1. (((Els)) those brooches are beautiful, always love seeing your garden and your cat helping make the new travel bag !

    1. Thanks ((Mo))
      (our old lady had her 19th birthday two days ago !!!)

  2. Schicke bitte ein bissschen Regen auf unsere Insel ;O)))
    Deine Broschen sind wieder so toll geworden.
    Liebe Inslgrüße

    1. Ich war froh mit diesen Regen : jetzt ist es HEISS !!!!!!!
      (besser man bleibt den geanzen Tag im Haus !)