maandag 9 december 2019

online felting class ...

December !

(and finally started
with some things of Pam de Groot's felting class,
that started in October when I was VERY busy
with something else ...)

a first one
(a lot to think about for the next one)

Making the closure
like I learned with Judit Pócs

(inspiration Anikó Boros)

Winter in the garden means
full bird feeders

and sometimes 

strange guests 

4 opmerkingen:

  1. love the colours and form in your neckpiece

  2. Thanks Mo ! (it was a bit tricky with the tiny stones ...)
    How do you like the ringneck parakeet ? They probably escaped from somewhere years ago and are doing quite well now in the wild !

  3. There are ring necked parakeets in the London area - we see them when we go to my mother-in-laws about 20 miles out of London. None here in rural areas yet. They need the warmth of a city I think.

    1. We live in a village, Louise (though near Rotterdam)
      I think the parakeets are clever birds ... who prefer living free in the wild, instead of in small cages ;-) !