donderdag 6 mei 2021

gold is a metal . . .

The Stitch Club workshop of these last two weeks
by Hanny Newton
was a bit of a problem for me
because I didn't have the gold passing thread
that you need for it.

But gold is a metal
and metal things I have . . .
(in my box of screws
and nails
and washers
and other things I might need again some day)

So I turned the goldwork
into metalwork !

First I stitched the washers and rings
some funny spring and some coins
onto the light blue shot cotton fabric
The embroidery hoop I started with was too small :
normally you can replace the hoop
to the next space you need to stitch
. . . . .

Luckily I had a slightly bigger hoop
that did the trick,
though in the end, when couching threads
I had to take it out of the hoop 
to do the edges and corners.

I added some safety pins to the collection
and even found some push buttons on the sidewalk
(they were waiting there to be found by me !)

7 opmerkingen:

  1. well that's a different take on couched metal !

    1. Haha ((Mo)) noooo, not as neat as it is done most of the time !

  2. this is such a great composition on so many levels ... the just-enough purple, the mix of shapes and sizes, the textures, the stitches ... so well done!

    1. Thanks Liz, but I really had no idea how it would turn out ! I just kept going :-)

  3. this is a genius piece of art! love it! xx

    1. Danke dir !
      (haha ein bisschen wie die Wiederverwendung von altem Holz für Planzgefässe :-) !)