maandag 21 juni 2021

Summer solstice (and more)

This time I had no time to stitch a special Solstice piece
(or rather : I didn't think about making one,
too many other things going on)
And after a good week
of really wonderful summer weather
we had some heavy thunderstorm days.
(with much damage in other parts of the country !!!)

But what a wonderful New Dawn !!!


Stitch Club had me busy with a new workshop
by Gwen Hedley
I really LOVE what she makes !!!
(a new discovery for me !)
Making marks with ink or paint
and cutting that up and stitching together
than stitching to
"blur the boundaries"

The start of a "scroll"

Not finished, but I had another idea
for another colour scheme
and design.

A lot of work cutting out, stitching and backing
all the small circles
but the necklace is almost done now
(no pictures yet  :-)  . . .)

(The next workshop by Haf Weighton started already
but has to wait a bit)

8 opmerkingen:

  1. (((Els))) your New Dawn rose is fabulous and love this new work!

    1. Ahhhh ((Mo)) New Dawn is indeed fabulous every year (though heavily affected by blackspot later in the season, but I don't want to spray with anything nasty . . .)

  2. The beautiful roses! I'm grateful to have a joyful solstice piece of yours here.

    1. ((Hazel)) and their fragrance is soooo sweet ! (though not "heavy")
      :-) and your little boat is sailing on our wall !

  3. Oh my those roses! And your gorgeous! You remind me of the thunderstorms I loved so much in Northern NV :)

    1. Ahhh Nancy, the garden is soooo happy with the occasional thunderstorm :-) (and I don't have to use the garden hose !)

  4. Je tuin….sprookjesachtig mooi! En wat ben je weer allemaal spannends aan het maken….liefs

    1. Ja hè, met die regen van het begin van het jaar is het zo'n beetje ontploft :-) (een hele móóie ontploffing dan !) Goed om je the horen Yvette !!! De workshops zijn hardstikke leuk en er komen zoveel nieuwe dingen voorbij . . . (maar vilten is ook nog steeds leuk hoor)