zondag 12 december 2021

a Sunday star

Stitch Club is still going strong !
It is fun to look at things in a new way
through the eyes
of another textile artist

Alice Fox
had us stitch down unusual little bits
found in or outside the house
that you normally NOT interpret
going along with textiles.

For ages I "collect" bread bag tags
since I saw someone use them as fish scales
in a textile artwork.

There was one in Alice's collection
as she showed the plans for these two weeks,
so : why not  !!!

First playing with bits on the kitchen counter
and then when stitching started, deciding
WHAT to stitch first
. . . . .

The curly, popped open sweet pea seed pods
were definitely LAST !!!

2 opmerkingen:

  1. I like how you stitched the bread tags, those little squares! These are delightful bits-n-bobs mandalas from the homefront! How fun.