woensdag 23 maart 2022

SPRING is in the air . . .

 March has been dry most of the time.
Bur not only that :
sunny too !
(thought the temperature still tells you it is March !)

There is still seed for the bird feeders,
a jar of peanut butter and a half coconut with fat and seeds.
But I also provided some WOOL !
I tied it around some twigs
in the dark leaved elder that is next to the window.

Yesterday I saw something really funny :
a jackdaw with a mustache !

Soon some baby birds will have a vey warm nest !!!

After the yellow of the daffodils
now it's the turn for some blue !

Lots of wood anemones !

Spring is such a fun season in the garden !

6 opmerkingen:

  1. (((Els))) love seeing your garden springing!

    1. ((Mo)) every day is different :-) Soon the trees will burst into bloom !

  2. Love that bird pic!! Spring is springing for sure šŸ™‚

    1. ((Nancy)) it sure was a fun sight that bird ! (in fact there were two plucking away in the tree, but I didn't have my camera in time )

  3. Spring is doing its very best here as well, I just love those anemones. I too provide nest material but in place of wool, they get the fur which comes out when I groom the cats. One of them in particular will chase me down the garden demanding my attention and the grooming comb! I figure it's a good recompense for the occasional chased bird, they are both a bit too old to catch them any more I'm pleased to say

    1. We had two weeks of sunshine and now the weather has turned a bit . . . who knows ! Hahaha love that : cat hair for the nest stuffing ! You keep a tight balance !!!