dinsdag 12 april 2011


Man is studying Italian.
He does so for quite some years now
he loves the sound of that language !
It's very different from Dutch
so rather difficult to learn
but he's doing great.

He watches Italian tv ( with awful programs )
tries to read the sports page of Italian newspapers on internet
and sometimes he goes to an Italian movie with his class mates...
( no subtitles !!! )

For his conversation lessons he choose my quilts
as inspiration to talk about
and took some quilts with him to show.
There, someone loved this green one very much ...
and wants to buy it !!!
( I'm very proud ofcourse )

This is a detail of  "Caterpillar versus Polygonatum"

Every year I can hardly wait for the Solomon's seal ( Polygonatum )
to emerge from the ground :
misty gray-green leaves and tiny white bells.
And every year :
the caterpillars strike
and eat my beautiful plants till almost only the stems remain.

I made this quilt almost two years ago
for a contest in Holland called "Sporen" ( traces )

When it was almost finished
I got another good idea for the same motto
so made another quilt.
That one I entered in the contest ( and it was rejected )

Now I will gladly finish this "first born"
so it can go to a new home.

There are more funny things in the garden

this "monster" tulip
( who dares to enter here ? )

and I've never seen this one before :
it has a nose ( no, probably his mouth )
of almost 1 cm long !
... Pinoccio hover-fly ...?

2 opmerkingen:

  1. Hi Els,
    Dit is de Gewone wolzwever, een zweefvlieg, die zijn "tong", waarmee hij/zij nectar opzuigt, naar je uitsteekt.
    Gerrit Keizer