zondag 10 april 2011

lovely spring weather

What a lovely spring weather we have.

The garden starts to be blue all over.

I can never resist picking some of the delicate Fritellaria bell-flowers

and put them in a little vase in the house.

Despite this warm weather I'm inside most of the time :
the living room needs some serious
decluttering !
With a birthday and a party coming up it is
really necessary.

When I'm working on my quilts or felting
I do this in the living room
although my "stash" is in a room upstairs.
During the whole proces I gather around me
new stacks of fabric or wool of certain colours
... and leave them there ...
This goes on a long time
( and I must say I have a patient husband )

So now I've started to make our living room look a bit more respectable again
and not like some sewing studio.

But ...
 I still find time to enjoy the weather and the garden


3 opmerkingen:

  1. beautiful flowers. a kind of garden stash.

  2. I think we have Fritelleria (or its relative) growing on the beach and meadows on the Island here. We call it chocolate lily. Of course we are still two months away from its appearance, but spring is creeping toward us. I love seeing your sunny gardens!