donderdag 15 september 2011

new mandala season

Yesterday evening we had our first
coming-together of the mandala drawing group.
This time the inspiration will come from
the ancient Maya Tzolkin Calendar.
It is quite complicated in the beginning to understand :
it's about "solar seals", "waves", "colours" and "numbers"
and every day of the year has a combination
of these elements
in an on-going cycle.
( A bit like the Zodiac or the Chinese Years )
Yesterday was the day of
Yellow seed
the wave of the Red dragon and
Tone four

And this is what I came up with

As you might notice : there's a feather in it .....
The logic explanation would be Jude's  Magic Feather Project
but ... the feather just "appeared"
in the meditation we always have before we start drawing.

( Yesterday I send off one of my mandala drawings of last year :
to Alaska
in a swap with Susan , ..... I'm so delighted ! )

6 opmerkingen:

  1. beautiful drawing. i always love seeing feathers and leaves together.

  2. Amazing! I've been attracted lately to mandalas and think it's wonderful that you're in a group that creates them! You take into consideration various aspects and then it all comes together? I love thinking about you drawing them spontaneously like this -- I just make little ones here and there with objects, nothing this.

  3. Beautiful drawing :)
    Mandalas are an interest of mine. You are fortunate to be involved with this group.

  4. Ummm! This will be a fun series to follow, Els. I have never heard of this particular calendar system and will be looking into it. Fascinating! -sus

  5. Such a beuatiful drawing...really...deicate and nourishing. What an amazing way to get together- such a great exploration. I can imagine that this work would deepen/alter/inform your other creative work also! I'd love to hear more about your group, and this practise!