maandag 5 september 2011

a real gem !

I always loved picture-books
probably because I like to draw
When I worked as a teacher in Elementary school,
and especially the last 15 years with the youngest groups
I collected quite a "few" !
Ofcourse I used them at school
but I would have bought them anyway.

Although I retired 4 years ago ... 
and the grandchildren read their own books ...
I bought the most wonderful picture-book last Saturday !
"Sam & Julia"

The day before I read an article in the newspaper ( NRC next )
and I couldn't help myself :
I had to look for it !!!

A former politician, Karina Schaapman, made in her home
out of plywood fruit boxes from the local store,
a giant doll's house or rather
the house for a lot of :
( it measures 2 x 3 metres !!! )

In it are a lot, and I must say really a lot, of rooms, stairs, corridors and stores
for all the mice, which she also made herself ofcourse.
As most of the furniture, lamps, pictures, and all items in the different shops 

With the making ... came the stories !
And although the book has only just been published
( Rubinstein )
there are already negotiations going on with foreign publishers
Right they are : this book is a gem
children all over the world will love it, I'm sure

A tiny peek of the pastedown page shows how big
uuuuuhm ... how small the mice must be. 
( compared to the poppy heads which feature as bottles )

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