donderdag 8 december 2011


These last two weeks have been very, very busy ...
but the best part is :
our dearest loved-one is on the way to recovery,
getting better by the day
a true miracle

We were very happy that we could celibrate
"Sinterklaas" as we would normally have done :
presents for the children
and a present with a funny poem
for the grown-ups 
(just like it should be)
(there's a great explanation about Sinterklaas here

All this, left no time (or desire) for blogging
just reading a bit ... 
and no big stitching, felting or knitting projects either.

Though the funny knitting book I got as a present
on the 5th of December gave enough little things to try !

An acorn, a fly fungus and .... yèk :  a slug ... (on granddaughter's request)
I don't like one as big as this in my garden
(wouldn't pick it up either !!!)

But the book is really fun
There's still a pair of socks with the same yarn as the Baktus skarf,
but also little progress on those :

still the first one ...

(we plan to visit the last Stitch'n Bitch for this year
on Saturday : knitting time then !)

Hopefully things will be getting back to normal soon,
but it left us all very much aware how precious life is, so
celibrate every day !

And for those of you who will be in the right place :
enjoy the lunar eclipse on Saturday

5 opmerkingen:

  1. I love that knitted slug!! Glad your loved one is on the mend! Happy Holidays. xox

  2. I am smiling at the knit slug, and especially to read again a post from you and know that your recent rough patch is smoothing. love, sus

  3. Hi!
    I hope every day brings more healing and health on the road to full recovery. In the meantime, your knitting is fabulous and the felting workshop sounds like so much fun. Thanks for the comments on my blog! Merry Christmas and thanks for the link to the interesting read about Sinterklaas!

  4. How cute are those critters!!!! Hope you both enjoyed stitch"n"bitch and look forward to seeing pics.

    Jacky xox