dinsdag 20 december 2011

making again .....

Yes ..... I started making things again
but sorry to say :
I can't show it yet !

( ssssshh christmas present .... )

I finished a pair of socks, started a new pair
and am still working on the purple green striped pair
that matches the baktus skarf
( so it's kind of sock-time )

Although my christmas cards weren't
as funny as the home-made ones like last year's
( I just bought them in the store )
the thought of colour pencils was só demanding
I had to make a special

christmas drawing

To all my blogging friends all over the world :

I wish you a happy and peaceful Christmas

( or whatever you call the holidays you're celebrating )

8 opmerkingen:

  1. a beautiful card. wishing you a happy holiday and a peaceful new year.

  2. I love your Christmas drawing, Els! Merry Christmas and peace by yours, sus

  3. This is so cute... Happy Holidays to you, and keep creating!

  4. Love your drawing. Wishing you a very Merry Christmas and much joy, laughter, fun, and creative adventure in the new year.

  5. Awww, Els! Adorable Christmas drawing. May you have a Merry Christmas too and happy stitching!
    best, nadia

  6. Merry Christmas, Els-
    I love your drawing and always enjoy your comments and perusing your crafty work-
    Happy New Year!
    cecilia g

  7. A lovely card Els...happy Christmas season to you!!