vrijdag 25 mei 2012

a beautiful card

Daughter, just like me, loves to draw.

This beautiful little card was made by her
for the newborn baby boy
(we are very proud of her !)

After some troubles with the printer company
it was finally ready to send
to family and friends
(and to you all)

This week, with a lot of baby and very little sleep at night,
there were a lot more little presents
for daughter's little family.
Some were homemade,
some "collected" during the time of the pregnancy.
For me it was fun gathering these presents 
and anticipating what they all would think of them.

This year being the "Year of the Dragon"
was inspiration for this :

a soft dragon toy

lots of tiny pieces for the head ...

... then the body ... and turning it inside out

(I hope Jaïr likes it too in some months time)

5 opmerkingen:

  1. oh how could he not love it. it is adorable. you, your daughter...such a talented family.

  2. The soft baby dragon is the cutest thing, Els (except for Baby himself, of course)! Treasure these days - xxoo, sus

  3. What a beautiful drawing to welcome this already well-loved little one! And that dragon is so special. I really like the photo where it is resting its head on the thread spool! SO very cute :)

  4. Oh, Els! Congratulation to you and your family! It sounds as though you all are treasuring this special time. Your daughters card is absolutely beautiful. You and she share such a talent! Your dragon toy is wonderful- so amazing that you just created the pattern from sketches. It is so fun.... What a lucky baby to be born into your family!

  5. very lovely, all of it! and congratulations! warm greetings from Paris!