zondag 27 mei 2012

a book ..... and the garden

In the present-shower there were four presents for every day.
One for each of the older children,
one for the mom and one for the baby.
Along with the soft dragon toy
went another homemade present :
a photo book
(yes , a bought one)
with a mandala for the new baby inside

I surrounded the baby with flowers of May that I choose from the garden.

For the hearts on the book cover I used "wonder under" (vliesofix)
and then machine stitched them on the background

here the finished book

Although I went into the garden to pick some flowers for the drawing
I didn't go there very often because of the cold spring weather.
But since little Jaïr is born
the sun has come out
and we are enjoying a very warm spring at last.
And the garden ...
kind of exploded with flowers !

Today, though it was in fact too hot to work outside in the sun,
I removed all of the forget-me-nots
so the smal pinkish white alliums can take over

2 opmerkingen:

  1. Beautiful shades of blue and violet in your garden, Els. Your book cover turned out so well. xxoo, sus

  2. Ah now I see why May was so great!
    Lovely book, lucky baby. Lucky you!