maandag 25 juni 2012

in a hurry

In a hurry ?
Yes, I am, with my little "in between"

Why should I do thát !
Everything else finished already ?
then ....why ?

Well, that's a bit how my clock ticks : 
I want to surprise someone
with a little stitched something
and that is sóón

some scraps

a bit of weaving ...... and some basting

and YES the magic thread is already there !

More ... ???
sorry, that will have to wait

I'll be stitching

6 opmerkingen:

  1. amazing how just a few scraps can turn into something so lovely. i especially like that hexagon overlay. i just did some rust dyeing that gave that effect.there's just something about hexagons that i love.

  2. OoOh surprises are so much fun! This is gorgeous, I am sure the recipient will be delighted. Loving the colours in your magic thread...

  3. Such an intrigueing start! Xxooo - sus


  4. Hi! I´ve just finished to take a look to aaall your blog (from the begining to the end). I really felt in love with it!. Your work is amazing: your quilts, your mandalas, your felt... so, I guess, you are an amazing person too!. Not only I´m sure you are a very creative and gifted women, but also very very sweet. That is what you transmit through your blog!. Thanks for sharing!!!

  5. I love the way you wove the two fabrics together...very clever.
    Congratulations on your beautiful new grandson...he looks so kissable.