donderdag 28 juni 2012

in time !!! happy birthday J !

Just an hour ago, after lunch,
I made the last stitch
on "Mandala"

Later this afternoon we will visit the birthdaygirl
who reaches the wonderful age of
( our mandala teacher/friend ) 
She will nót be behind her computer at this moment
so I can reveal now the quiltlet I made for her  

(I'm a bit surprised myself that I did finish it in such a short time)

a piece of a flower became a butterfly

J had two cats (brothers)

but sadly enough one of them died some months ago 

and the Polygonatum (Solomon's seal)
 moved from one garden to another
and the next

I hope we have many more years of friendship and drawing together !

18 opmerkingen:

  1. Lovely, Els, I'm sure it will be loved by your friend!

  2. That little piece is so delightful. What a wonderful gift. Happy Birthday to your friend! xo

  3. Przecudowny projekt. Niesamowite wykonanie.

  4. such beautiful stitching and love the design. i work best under procrastinating. enjoy the birthday celebration.

  5. Beautiful design...your friend will love this piece. The lovely blues, the mandela design and pieces of her story stitched into this ...her cat, the plant you share, a mandela.
    This is very special and little cloth. Made with love for a friend.
    I am off for lunch with a few (patchwork) friends today. We have been meeting every month for nearly 23 years ...

    Jacky xox

  6. It turned out beautifully. Your friend is very lucky to receive such a special gift.

  7. Els~ This is a special gift you've created. It is beautiful with so much story tucked inside. Enjoy the friendship :)

  8. Gasp! It is wondrous, Els! xxoo, sus

  9. Lovely. . . and inspiring! Thank you.

  10. Els, I love this -- she is one lucky birthday girl. xo

  11. I stumbled into your blog and found you're amazing in art/crafts. The fabric works are awesome. Your garden is beautiful with flowers and plants. Love following you.