dinsdag 4 september 2012

amazing empty shell

It is probably not often
that you find something like this
because it's easily blown away by the slightest breath of air

I saw it when I had my lunch
while sitting on the steps that lead to the water
at the back of our garden.
This photo doesn't show
how  t h i n  and  t r a n s l u c e n t  it really is

A big dragonfly (I think) struggled from this tight shell that he lived in
as an under-water creature
in the first stage of his life

There is only a small hole between the head and thorax

Wow !
só glad man invented zippers !!! 

And furthermore :

I started stitching again on the "old" wedding piece

I put a piece of cotton batting behind the protruding top side
(to make it more firm)

and cut it after I secured the outer edge with tiny stitches

(mmmmm ... all thanks to Jude's beginning class)

7 opmerkingen:

  1. a similar feeling last year when i found a frog skeleton during that terrible drought:
    it was amazing to see. i like that irregular edge on your stitched piece.

  2. Now I wonder what is the whole of the cloth?! Pleasing composition :)

  3. Ja, das ist von einer Libelle..es ist ein kleines Wunder, zu beobachten, wie diese faszinierenden Flieger aus ihrer engen Hülle schlüpfen..
    Liebe Grüße

  4. The little shell casing is truly amazing. I love finding natural treasures like this. The stitching is looking good, Els. xxo. sus

  5. isn't nature amazing, what a wonderful find. I love all the details in your old wedding piece.

  6. mother nature is the most wonderful artist of all, what a lucky and fascinating find!