vrijdag 14 september 2012

sunny !

Three days ago already
(sorry I'm so late Karen)
I received my first little felted piece
of our felting-circle

The theme I have chosen for our felt exchange is


I think Karen did a wonderful job to capture this word in felt
(she said she added a little brown to all the yellows 
because she likes the autumn sun)

On all the felted pieces I've seen so far (including mine)
stitches were used on the felt, and even beads sometimes,
to make the piece more lively.
The fun part is, that stitching on felt is so easy :
all the odds and ends can be hidden inside the felt
 so you don't see anything on the backside either.

Because I badly needed to de-clutter the part of the livingroom
where I put down all the stuff I'm "working on/with" 

(which mainly results in making neat stacks)
I found an "oldie" w.i.p. 
from one of Jude Hill's cloth weaving classes
that could also de classified as

And, while I'm not yet ready to start on my intended bigger project
for Jude's new "Diaries" series,
I picked up this one again
the "couching" stayed but for the spiral I have another idea, so :
to be continued

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  1. Beautiful work here (by Karen & you!). I need to de-clutter where I work in the living room too :0