zaterdag 10 augustus 2013

contagious ?

All people are creative,
some a bit more than others 
and some need a little push to get started
When I did that first "stained-glass" technique in polyester textile
many weeks ago, Man was very interested.

Years and years back 
he joined me in making enamaled copper juwelry and wall decorations
Much much later he followed me in making his own 
mandala drawings.

So when he saw the beatiful coloured piece with the burned out fragments
his imagination started buzzing !

And when I say buzzing, it means buzzing 

For the very first try, he asked me, 
after all the steps of the process were completed,
to do the stitching on the machine,
which I did of course.
But he had to wait till I had time to do it,
then he did the burning,

Not so this time !!!

He made his designs, did all the steps by himself,
then daughter braught her sewing machine
(mine is a bit more complicated)
and then :

in hot weather, in not so hot weather :
stitch after stitch
his artworks grew 

A beautiful mandala

(ha, the best part was probably : nót having to wait for me to do the stitching !)

Yes !
I think being around art is contagious !!!

6 opmerkingen:

  1. and he did such a beautiful job. it is beautiful.

  2. Heel knap gedaan. Mijn complimenten!

  3. What a creative husband, so beautifully made, well made.

  4. I keep telling my muttley that he should have a go too...but so far without success. Your man has done an impressive job!

  5. I am very impressed. ELS. SO good to share interests with your Man.
    xxxooo, sus