maandag 5 augustus 2013

hot summer days

We are having lots of hot summer days now
tóó hot 
most people will say !
(a heat wave, for Holland at least)

We sit in the garden only in the morning 
and stay inside once the heating up begins.
Then we come out in the early evening again.

Lots and lots of butterflies are visiting

which are sometimes hard to capture on camera.

Yesterday daughter started with a (whole) fleece 
that she bought at the Alpaca farm some weeks ago
(though this is a sheep, more precisely : an Ouessant
not an alpaca fleece)

Here the in-side is up 

(it was washed some days before)

On the back some needle felt and some coarse gray wool 
that Heike sent me from Berlin.

LOTS and LOTS of rolling was done outside
(when the sun wasn't so hot anymore)

Washing and drying came later

And when daughter isn't felting or spinning ...
she is knitting

(Noro Kureyon Sock and Drops Alpaca)

And me ???

still making more flowers
and connecting them to the sqaures and flowers already there 
(45 and counting)

(yeah : post 300 ... a lot of talking !)

6 opmerkingen:

  1. wow...such gorgeous butterflies. it's no wonder with such yummy flowers. not many butterflies here this year. not sure why. that sweater your daughter is wearing is just gorgeous. love those colors.

  2. The orange butterflies on the purple flowers - WOW Mother Nature the Artist! -sus

  3. Yes, we have snuck in some sunshine lately, to, Els. My word, I don't know what I'd do faced with an entire fleece! You a re a talented family! Lx

  4. Schöne Schmetterlinge, Els! Bei uns sind sie jetzt auch endlich, sie sind in diesem Jahr spät aufgetaucht!
    Ich bin sehr gespannt, was Du aus all deinen hübschen
    Blumen machst.
    Viele liebe Grüße

  5. Wat leuk om jouw dochter zo bezig te zien met het viltmaken.
    We hebben een mooie zomer, he, Els, daar boffen we maar mee. we kunnen nu heerlijk van de vlinders genieten.