dinsdag 24 september 2013

almost ... ?

The first day of October 
isn't thát far away, only one week,
which means :
my third  blogaversary 
(so hard to imagine : three years of blogging !)

Though I forgot the second one
(probably because I was too busy to notice)
this time my giveaway for the blogaversary is finished !

yes ... only a small part of it,
the rest of the quiltlet will be revealed in a week !

However ... I can show you something else.
Remember I made a little quilt for a friend ???
I just got an e-mail from Eva
that it arrived safely in Germany !
At first I only showed two small corners, but here it is

It is my part of the swap we made : a watercolour against a quiltlet 
(A4 size)


So just be a little patient and keep an eye on the calendar,
the giveaway might be coming your way in a few weeks time

5 opmerkingen:

  1. love the blues and browns in the sneak peak...and that blue bird is wonderful.

  2. I LOVE this little quilt, Els! Beautiful. (I am answering your posts back to front tonight!) Lx

  3. Love the blue skies/brown earth of the peek! And Eva is a lucky gal...this is beautiful!

  4. I love the blues and browns mixed together

  5. I love the colours and the bird is fabulous!