zondag 1 september 2013

flora (and fauna)

Here we go again !

Lovely FAMILY-DAYS have passed in a beautiful setting,
with lots of sunshine
(and a wonderful full moon !)

We went to old towns, a fun museum, a tiny Zoo,
 and a wonderful garden.
All rode on bikes and drove a skelter,
we did a lot of playing, swimming, drawing, knitting, stitching :

... and some special shopping !

So everyone is again fully charged !

School starts tomorrow.
(with a new "school chapter" for our big granddaughter)

Summer is nearly over now, that much is clear in the garden
but there are still some flowers

(Sanguisorba officinalis and Allium cinensis)
and there were these (today)

:-)  ...  my crochet scarf, which was blocked before we left.

(the wonderful bunch of flowers on top of the post
were hand picked for us yesterday by daughter and children )

9 opmerkingen:

  1. one image more sweet and beautiful than the next. the scarf looks gorgeous.

  2. Happy end of summer Els. Love love that crochet scarf. I would love to make one, just gorgeous! Hugs Nat

  3. LOvely! ANd oh my, but that young one has grown!

  4. I have been missing you, Els!
    Your crochet scarf is as beautiful as the bouquet you show us. LOVE seeing the baby so grown up, and remembering the fun of being with such a little one - charming! -sus

  5. It seems that you have had a wonderful summer. And the scarf is great fits so good with your skirt and t-shirt.

  6. Gorgeous picture of the wee one lovingly feeding the rabbit. We are just coming into spring after a very mild winter. Lets hope you enjoy the sort of winter we had. Love the flowery scarf, you clever clogs!

  7. Wonderful scarf, and so are all the other cool things! xo

  8. Ah, beautiful flowers, family and scarf! ;-)
    I so want your scarf, what lovely autumn colours.
    Best wishes,

  9. So geht der Sommer vorbei..mit vielen Blumen und einem kleinen
    Mann, der schon groß geworden ist!
    Liebe Grüße