donderdag 28 november 2013

good old "flower power"

These last few days I returned 
to something old and familiar :
felting flowers.

I like to wear something bold and colourful myself
so I love the wet-felted flowers,
though they can be delicate as well 

like this rose ...

Here is the same white rose in the making

In fact it's two double layered flowers together.
And yes, I stitched the center together during the process.
(that prevents the layers from shifting too much)
When it's done I removed the linen thread.

Here's the one I made yesterday
(for Svea .... but it's more turquoise, 
it was already late when I took the picture) 

The lot 
(so far)

Now they're all quietly waiting till they're completely dry.
Then I can do the final stitching,
perhaps with some beads too.

Then they will wait in a box till the "Christmas Fair" 
(20 and 21 December)

6 opmerkingen:

  1. Lovely colours, Els, I bet you really enjoy the final embellishment, it's the bit I like best when I've made something. Lxx

  2. Those roses are SO beautiful, especially the white one...stunning!

  3. Mooie blommekes Els! Welke fair is dat! Toch niet in het bejaardencentrum hoop ik ;-)?
    Wat een leuke "kijk" vensterbank heb je trouwens...
    Liefs van Mirjam.

  4. They look so pretty und bright. Yes, some beads too would be nice.

  5. those flowers are lovely, you are so clever.