maandag 2 december 2013

fishy business ?

Working for the Christmas Fair 
gives me the opportunity (or urge)
to try some new things.

This time my inspiration is what lives in the sea.
Not very Christmassy you might think,
but that isn't specifically required.

I love seahorses !!!

(though  NOT  the dried ones cast in plastic !!!)

in progress

Then another creature came along

They're waiting to be rinsed in vinegar,
but I'll do that later,
when there are more 

Both templates tore when I pulled them out
(never mind that : I have lots and lots more of that)

When they're dry
(I will probably do some stitching)
and stuff them (a bit) with wool .

8 opmerkingen:

  1. i used to be fascinated with seahorses...and that fish is just so precious.

  2. Gaaf Els!! Ik vind zeepaardjes ook zoiets sierlijks én grappigs hebben....

  3. Love this sea life Els! When my daughter was young, 7 or maybe 8, she asked for a sea horse for Christmas! That was a tricky one to find :)

  4. Lovely, Els. I have done a little wet felting - but haven't come across rinsing in vinegar - is it an essential step?

  5. The little blue seahorse is so endearing. Good luck with your Christmas Fair preparations. xxoo, sus

  6. Piękne!
    Bardzo lubię marynistyczne motywy.
    Śnieży kwiatek poniżej cudowny.

  7. So lovely! Amazing to see such small projects made on resists with so much detail! These are great ornaments, Els! You are making these to sell at the fair? I'd love to buy a seahorse for my mother...xoFiona